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  1. i don't get it. so tell me why can't i see the applaud or smite buttons............
  2. i have a dialup internet service and i need some help. after about 10minutes of being connected i get disconnected and booted of my connection, and to connect again i have to rebooot. then i have to keep deleting now connections that come up and they are called tibs(number here). everytime i delete one connection called tibs lets say tibs 1, then tibs 2 comes up. i have gotten all the way up to tibs 56 and it still won't get rid of..i know it's spyware because i've had this before but now it wont get rid of it when i use spybot s&d , adaware se, my avg free or anything even online scans and i have tryed in safe mode too..what else is there to do? or to at least fix the problem with the reboot to connect part. and i have already contacted my isp and they haven't a clue. help plz
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