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  1. First thing I tried was direct connection. VOIP will not work from any of my 5 computers. I replaced my 8 month old router with the old one and replaced my VOIP company's modem and even a couple of cables. It was all working so fine until a month ago then it started...people cannot hear me talk. XplorNet says its not their problem but they are the only common link. I got the CRTC in but they passed it off to a more mild mannered govt org and they got me the static IP that made no diff either. If ITALKBB was the only voip not working it would be easy but Skype does not work as well with the same symptoms. I am not sure they have techs who can find this. They are just too eager to deny deny as if they are hoping I will just live without a phone. They also continuously say they do not support third party VOIP when actually they it is their problem I have been a troubleshooter for Telecom companies around the world...Bell Canada, Nortel, Lucent, Alcatel, Ericsson, and Cable and Wireless. My bandwidth tests remained unchanged since they forced me to take a 1.5m service from a 3m service last year. I hate dealing with amateurs.
  2. I have used ITALKBB voip over satellite XPLORNET for three years with no complaint but a month ago it stopped working and others cannot hear me. Then I noticed SKYPE and other pc based VOIP solutions do not work as well. I am not pleased because XplorNet is the only common point but they are sadly saying they could not care less.
  3. For a month I have only one way communications whether it is ITALKBB voip service or Skype etc. ITALK uses their own modem. I have replaced my whole network but still nothing and now have tried a static IP address but still my other party cannot hear me. Xplornet says it cannot possibly be their fault but their service is the only common point that could affect Skype as well as ITALKBB. Has anyone with any ISP had this problem? Of course out here VOIP is all we had for phone service. The Skype problem is the same on all 5 computers at my house. I heard it was due to a double NAT situation but that is not helping. I also heard it was their change to a new 4G service but what that has to do with things I do not know. Any advice please reply.
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