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  1. Hey when it comes to computers i have bad luck. i have had dial up all my life it ran at about 5 kilo bites per second... no kidding. Then i got the direcway satelitte thing. it costed a fortune . I thought that by getting it it would improve the download speeds and i could stream video.. more importantly i thought d way would let me play my CD games online. Although it never said on the site during registration that there would be problems with that no games work when played online.... Even when i had dial up it let me play games onine just really slow. Also the box that recieves the signalsfrom the dish is in one room. if i go two rooms over of outside it lose connection.. but even when i turn the wireless internet off and im playing a regular Cd game not offline not offline the frame per second is aroung 8 fps which is terrible... SO MY QUESTION IS SHOULD THERE BE SLOW DOWNS OFFLINE ,DURING GAMES, AND JUST IN GENERAL EVEN WHEN IM NOT ON DIRECTWAY
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