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  1. Hmmm well, nothing seems to be working, I guess I'm gonna have to get a professional to take a look at it
  2. yea for sure. They are enabled, it says they work right in the Device Manager, but whenever I put a disc in it doesn't read it.
  3. Nah still isn't working, it did the same thing as before. I guess I'm glad that the second IDE channel isnt fried, I only got this piece of junk computer 2 years ago.
  4. I plugged both my CD and DVD drive into my other computer and they both worked.
  5. Yes they are two separate drives, one CD and one DVD, sorry about the confusion. I switched the ribbon yesterday and it didn't change anything. I do have another PC I could try to plug in my drives to, but that will have to wait until tommorow. I'll post again once I try that
  6. man, this is really starting to get frustrating. I did all the stuff u said, twice, still the same Hopefully someone else can fix this for me, but thanks for trying
  7. Sure didn't. I haven't changed anything in a while
  8. Unfortunately it didn't work I can't think of anything to do
  9. Well, for some odd reason my CD and DVD drive decided not to work the other day. My computer recognizes that its plugged in, but when I put a disc in it doesn't read it and if I double click on the drive it freezes up until I remove the disc. I checked the BIOS it said that they were enabled, I checked the Device Manager and it says they are working although they aren't. I tried switching the IDE cables with one I had. nothing different. I have tried many discs so its not them, theres somthin up with the drives. Thanks
  10. thanks a lot man, all I had to do was plug the cable into the second router and now it works
  11. Well, my master plan didn't work out like I thought it would. http://img214.imageshack.us/my.php?image=homenetworksetup0ka.png Here I have the modem connecting to the first router/switch, and then the second router/switch connecting to the first. I figured that the setup wizards would work and the first router would act as the modem for the second, but I was wrong. Do I need a patch cable or something, or do I need to manually configure the routers? Thanks
  12. I have a problem with both of my disc drives again. Last time I found that I turned them off in bios, fixed it that simple. This time its different. My computer recognizes that the drives are plugged in but whenever I put a disc in it doesn't read them. I tried switching the IDE cable with a different one, didn't do anything. Help would be apreciated, thanks
  13. I have SBC Yahoo! DSL Pro, which is about 3 Mbps downstream.
  14. Yea, I hope your right, but I wanna be certain before I go out and buy the stuff.
  15. I am planning on setting up a home network that uses a wired router/switch as well as a wireless router/switch. The wireless router/switch has a wireless access point as well as 4 ports for ethernet cables. I was wondering if it was possible for this to work, heres a pic to explain what I mean. Both of the router/switches have setup wizard discs that come with them, so I would think that there is no need to manualy configure them. Thanks
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