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  1. What do you mean "on the box"?? Are you talking about on the cable modem box? If so, then let me guess its a motorola and your seeing a 5x (seen some boxes say 20x) thing on the box itself. If thats what it is then thats not your speed at all. Its a technology in the modem called TurboDOX that "could" make it 5x faster than without it. Call Rogers and verify what package you got then go from there.
  2. Its prolly just the way your traffic gets routed to the cs server now..goes thru a few more hops or hits a wishy washy router that you didnt before. I wouldn't worry too much with a 80 ping in any game as that is still a very good ping. You shouldn't have any problems with 80ms. Try a few more servers and see what happens. Chances are you will ping better to servers now that you couldn't ping good to before.
  3. Lumpy and toad must live on the top of Mount Everest Good pings for sat I would say.
  4. The Qam 64 should not matter. Qam 64 is still very capable of 10Mbit. I think Qam 64 does around 35Mbit or so If i am not mistaken. Qam 256 only does a tad more than that at around 45Mbit I think. Both should be very capable of a 10Mbit connection. The Qam 64 would slow down those speeds if alot of users on the same node were trying to download lots of stuff at the time of your tests. But out of all your speed tests it looks like that might not be the case. Either way the issue IMO is not the Qam 64. I am willing to bet their whole system is Qam 64. To better explain what I said: One node (using one 6MHz wide downstream channel) has a max downstream pipe thru the cable lines depending on what the Qam is set to. If its Qam64 then the pipe would be around 35MBit/s or so shared by all users on that node. If it is Qam256 then it would be around 45MBit/s or so shared by all users. Not really that big of a difference.
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