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  1. Hi! Here in the last couple of weeks, everytime I do a download test when the test reaches 53% it stops for several seconds than resumes. The results are horrid I have 10/1 MB speeds. When I test speeds at other sites, and I use several, my speeds are well within the 10/1 range. Any one have an idea or suggestion??? thx
  2. I installed an old ide hard drive in an HD enclosure. Hooked everything up and the system hangs durning bootup. The old ide drive has XP installed. Can anyone tell me if that is causing my problem' and how to solve this problem. I have tried every jumper setting on the IDE drive, but it still tries to boot my pc. System: amd 3500+ 1024 pc 3200 ram WD 200GB Sata HD BFG 6800 Ulta Factory OC'ed
  3. Greeting! I NEED INPUT! I am considering building a new AMD based PC. I currently have one that I built a couple of years ago, time to upgrade OK so my question is, what is the best MB price, performance, and reliability wise? I plan on using an AMD 4800 X2 CPU. Thanks for all input! PS current system: AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 2400 MHz 1024MB RAM BFG 6800 Ultra oc'ed core 454MHz,memory 1.15GHz WD 200GB SATA HD 500w Ultra X connect PS ASUS A8V Deluxe MB
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