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  1. Okay, so far every wireless channel I check to see it's rating I seem to ruin. It will show for example channel 7 is full connection, once I hook my router to channel 7 it's all a sudden rated badly.
  2. Hello, it's been a while since I been around this part of the woods. Hope the TestMy family is doing! Anyways, I have 60MB down and 7MB up connection through Spectrum. Open NAT on all my video games which is what I do the most of. Anyways here is the issue, I am only getting issues with Call Of Duty games all of a sudden. Haven't had them before, but now when I start the game up I have to restart it sometimes a couple times to get a open NAT. I will get random latency which will be a quick hiccup and the player will skip in front of me. This is only Call Of Duty games like Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare and MW Remastered. I was told to check the channels and the channel seems to be clear. I've power cycled my modem and even had it reset from the office with no luck. I'm somewhat tech savvy with these types of things just don't understand why all of a sudden it happened. I plan on switching my routers channel when I am done with work. Just would like some other help if anyone has any idea? Everything is appreciated, thank you!
  3. Oh n i can't remember the exact but I got one of the best Trend Micro AV n it didnt catch it I guess...it started with pop ups not wanting to close..I then ran all the steps to retrace n clean..bahh I guess reinstall...BLAH sorry for the bother
  4. I might have made that confusing....Um Okay i did all that and removed it all..It's clean n back to good n go! but while doing it all it removed my internet connection. My wireless says connected internet access but wont load pages on any browser n when plugged in ethernet it says internet access as well but does same thing...I need to figure out why doing all that killed my net connection, but says I am connected n running fine...This is like the 3rd time installing Windows 7 n I only had it 7-8 months...Bahhh
  5. Okay I was just hounded with the software virus - spyware active antivirus..I got rid of all traces of it but now I cannot seem to connect online with that laptop...In bottom corner regardless connected wired or wireless it says connected active internet connection....but I open firefox or internet explorer it jus says server not found or something about a proxy, if anyone knows how I can get my internet back onto this thing I would appreciate it..Btw Toshiba a505
  6. Oouch!! No one seriously figured this issue out?! I am stuck with the same issue same model laptop too...ugh!! P.S. Sorry to bring old topic back up...
  7. Okay starting a week ago I can not get rid of this pop up. It specifically says. "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? wait! you only have one more step before you can view your bonus gifts! press ok to continue, or cancel to stay on current page." I just always hit the X in corner. but this thing pops up even when I am offline. I use trend micro from anti virus and it detects nothing. Any help would be really appreciated please. Thank you!
  8. Wow I have been have this same issue, same exact laptop! I had no problems when I first bought it but now I as well can get good picture but no sound. If anyone can help, much is appreciated!
  9. Well yes the cameras are no name brand. But it says the lens on them are Sony, I mean it looks nice to me...I can't be that bad? Right...I think I am going to order it anyways, I just hope I am not making the wrong move.
  10. Hey all! I know this isn't the right place, but i am interested in purchasing a camera system for my APT and store. Is this one pretty good? if so I plan on ordering it ASAP, as I do like the software it comes with to view the cameras. I am just making sure it is going to be pretty good quality. http://cgi.ebay.com/8-Cameras-Video-Surveillance-Security-Complete-System-/140409135160?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b1096038
  11. Originally I was suppose to get 7.2 Mbps. After Verizon did the test on my line, when I login into Verizon's page it says 6.2 Mbps. When I do a speed test all I result in is 5.2. I will be giving Verizon a call tomorrow, but wanted to try and fix it without them. Love their service but customer support sucks!
  12. I am paying for 7.1 MB speed and on my Verizon page it says I am suppose to get the 6.2. I am only getting 5 something.
  13. I used format (Drive letter): /FS:FAT32 and both times I did it it went for 18 hours just to tell me the HDD was to large to be formatted in FAT32. The HP software did it in less than a hour.
  14. Hello all! I recently moved and had gotten Verizon DSL. I am suppose to be getting 6.2 MB but for some reason when I do a speed test all I get is 5.37 MB down. I am using the 6100G Westell modem (bridged) to a Linksys WRT54G2. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. You see though...I tried...I actually let command prompt do it, it took almost 18 hours for it to just tell me FAILED! Lol, but if anyone is interested I found a software from HP that'll do a whole 500GB external in less than a hour! It does FAT32 as well and is very basic and user friendly. Here are a couple links, one explains it and one is a download. http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=197 <<< Explanation of the software...and here is the download http://en.kioskea.net/download/download-127-hp-usb-disk-storage-format-tool
  16. I found WipeDrive so far. If anyone knows anymore good ones fill me in.
  17. What software does anyone recommend to format a external 500GB to FAT32? Reasoning...I need it for movies on my PS3.
  18. Did you try syncing them?
  19. OMG!! That thing looks nasty!! When I bought my laptop over a month ago I would have bought one of those new mac books or whatever if I had the money.
  20. I can take your word on this now too. We got a Acer Laptop in at my store! Don't remember the exact model but this baby has 4Gb ram, 320 GB HDD, and a core 2 Duo...But it's NICE! It's quite scratched up but I got a deal on it for around $220.
  21. I am DONE with Toshiba. I will not praise this POS company no more nor will I talk anyone into ever buying another Toshiba product. They have such shitty service it isn't funny. This company is ridiculous, second laptop I bought with burnt pixels and they won't do jack for me! I guess I will finally try ASUS out next time I purchase. Also they don't even give a shit if they lose a customer, they said we respect you don't want to buy another one...Well forget you to! I HATE TOSHIBA PRODUCTS!! ugh I am sorry people I am pissed...
  22. Wow I already sent several e-mails to Best Buy...They don't even care lol...
  23. Man I swear I put it! lol It's a laptop. My Toshiba a505. Like I kinda understand it. I see it says $150 for 2 years with the black tie. But it also says you can opt in for accidental damage to, but it doesn't say how much it is. Sorry I didn't make it clear guys.
  24. I was wondering how many of you think the black tie protection plan is worth it? I am skeptical about buying this because I really don't have $150 to blow right now. Also what does it really cover? I don't feel it was explained to well in the e-mail they gave me. Does it cover accidental damage? Any info would be great! I have like one week to decide I believe and would like to make the right choice.
  25. Yeah it will handle it. It is able to handle up to 8GB. The model is a505-s6005.
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