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  1. i know of 8 sites r u shure u wanna pass that up
  2. um what about if i pm you and tell you were to d/l edited I hav many forums that i know of
  3. Do Me A Favor And Download It At Copperhead.cc And Upload It At Rapidshare PLZ Of Coarse U Dont Have Too
  4. Yeah But Mine Were Better So I Kept Mine
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Try One More ? Or Just GO Here http://j79zlr.com/cablenutXP2k.php I Search On Google One Day And There It Was Um Just Put In D/l And Upload Connection Speed And Its Sopost To Compute Settings Dont Know If It Really Works Tho
  6. o Give Me A Sec To Make More
  7. Do U Now Ur Latency: ? or ms Edit: Guess Not But Try This
  8. ok u do that then do a speed test if they dont work i hav more........
  9. i Believe.........................I Hate D-Way.........WildBlue But StarBand Is The Best Tho NO FAP OR LIMIT
  10. Try Van Burens or What ever his name is but any way i attached them
  11. One Sec Maybee I Can Make Cablenut Settings For Wildblue
  12. Nah I Thing U Were Doing It Right..............Try Here http://www.testmy.net/topic-1013
  13. Try This Last On And See If It Works If It Doesnt Than Someone With The Same Connection U Hav Could Prolly Help Its Hard For Me Because I Dont Have The Same Connection That U Do
  14. Fair Access Policy Means Only 350mb in 4 Hours Suxs Ass
  15. If That Was A Question Then Yeah There Ok But I Hate There FAP
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