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  1. This tweak does seem to make my pages appear quicker but load slower. Even though it "seems to take more time in all, i can definitely tell that they start earlier. What it seems like to me is that it removes the delay where firefox waits for info, then quickly makes all the info appear real quick, and instead takes the info as it comes. I dont know if this is good for everyone, but when i do testmy.net speed tests now, it slowed my connection from what is usually 2.9MB to only 2MB

    Also, how do i remove that nglayout thing from about:config?

  2. I'd check out http://www.testmy.net/topic-1013 .... VanBuren's cablenut settings.  Basically if it is a registry issue with your speeds (as opposed to spyware or browser issue), then hooking these up will set all your reg keys to appropriate values.  I would definitely make sure that your spyware free tho!

    I should have said that i already use cablenut and reenter the settings every time after i use a reg cleaner.

  3. My registry is really messed up from me using ccleaner, not to "blame" it on ccleaner but i simply didnt get these problems before, my computer starts up fine and everything, but its mainly my internet connection is very eratic, and not workin every now and then, and going slow, but its constant. Any advice, my registry is so messed up, that i try to just use a reg cleaner, but even if i try to "lightly" clean it, i still get big problems. Why and what can i do?

    I'm sorry but somebody might want to move this to the Help! with other stuff page.

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