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  1. the next he is ready to jump off a bridge.  :evil6:

    i have been thinking like that recently but i just gotta keep thinking long term. Once the market bounces back, however long it takes, everyone should make a killing. The only reason the market wouldn't come back is if this is the end of the rise and fall of the roman american empire.

  2. What is basically reason behind market meltdown.Day by Day market is going down.What you think?

    The initial drop was due to the market trying to adjust to the failure of all those banks from taking too many risks in an already declining economy and housing market. But only in the last week the fall in the maket is because there have been true signs of fear in investors that things could get more worse than they already are. This next 4 weeks will be very important.

      That there is negative thinking, and we all know what that brings. Nothing.

    There is millions plus to be made right now, and people are making it hand over fist. Using the volitivity of the markets to buy near death companies for pennies, hold for a few days, and drop it. Others are so low, there going to be bought out soon, so they would be the ones to hang onto for a few years.

    I don't think thats negative thinking. Negative thinking would be to sell everything you have. The market could still go down and the losses are real, so playing it safe isn't a bad thing.

    Some sectors were indirectly hit by the fall of the financial sector. Those are what i'm putting my money in hoping they will come back quicker and stronger than the financial sector will. You could go and put your money in aig or fannie mae or something but that will be putting your money in a slot machine basically. I suggest that people wait till some stability returns and then honestly, you should throw every dollar you have in there. Just WAIT it out. As the market falls, your money in the bank is gaining value in the stock market. After a good consecutive 2-4 weeks, throw everything in.

  3. they were probably regulated in a way that would be OK if we had a healthy economy, but things were goin down in the first place. A lot of people don't realize that the stock market, housing, and credit crisis are only symptoms of a bad economy not the cause. A lot of these companies actually make most of their money off people who make late payments but when people who are late can't eventually pay something, both sides lose. I'm not too familiar with the way housing works but yeah it was probably both sides fault, but i do think that in a healthier economy in general maybe the bailouts wouldn't have been needed or maybe they only just gradually caused this themselves.

  4. I am really hating this idea of bail outs.

    everyone does, but during recent times, there wasn't an option. I think everyone would agree that the bail outs shouldn't have happened in the first place. While we know that there wasn't an option of the bail outs unless we really wanted to put our economy into a true economic crisis, i think that if the government can go and bail companies out, the government should be able to regulate those companies so that they don't have to get bailed out again.

  5. cool, what are they tryin to say  ?

    i think they were tryin to give an image that bill is a down to earth guy connected to his customers that's why he was living with these families in the commercials. And the little bits at the end about computers u can eat or wutever, i think they were trying to give microsoft an image of being the computer company at the cutting edge of technology. Doesn't matter anyway now, i read that microsoft is pulling these ads out of rotation because they were received so badly.

  6. The browser just became available for download just after the end of the chrome press conference. I think it definitely has some better ideas than firefox but won't beat firefox because everything is open source so eventually firefox will take whatever in it is good. I like it a lot, it has many innovative subtle features that make it a really good browser. I made it my default browser and will try it out for a while. Google made Chrome with the idea to start the browser from "scratch" since the basics of browsers has not changed in some areas since browsers were first made. This is similar to rumors of Microsoft makin a new OS from scratch and throwing out all the code and making an OS for today's computers and not an evolved OS from the original computers.

    Some of the features are:

    -Each tab and plug-in has its own process so only a tab or plug-in will crash not the entire browser.

    -Tab bar is at the top, which i think Opera does too

    -Incognito mode where nothing where u can browse without logging anything on your computer.(i think a plugin for firefox does this)

    -Pop up status bar at bottom

    -Has download manager similar to that of the download status bar plug-in for firefox where there is a bar at the bottom.

    -You can rearrange tabs and also pull them out into their own window, they also glide for aesthetics.

    -Also if you have a lot of tabs open, when you click the x to close one, the tabs won't resize until you move ur mouse off the tab bar so you won't have to chase the x button.

    -You can create shortcuts to your "web apps" such as gmail or online games and put them on your desktop or quick launch bar. These apps will load up without the controls or location bar as if they are their own program on you computer.

    -The location is a tweaked version of Firefox's awesome bar to work more fluently with what the you want to do.

    The Beta is available for download here:


  7. 1. have the laptop off before you plug in the monitor, that can be a reason for the distortion.

    didn't help

    2. you should get your video drivers from Nvidia themselves since they designed that card.

    i tried nvidia's originally

    3. got answer for this

    4. if also you can DL the drivers for that monitor from samsung : http://www.samsung.com/us/support/download/supportDown.do?group=&type=&subtype=&model_nm=216BW&language=&cate_type=all&dType=D&mType=DR&vType=R&prd_ia_cd=&disp_nm=216BW

    I have them installed.

  8. do you have the monitor plugged in before or after you turn on the laptop? The laptop is already on. I've tried making sure the monitor was off, then plugging it in.

    did you try and update the video drivers?yeah i tried the windows update and it was up to date. I tried some from laptopvideo2go with no success.

    what type of video card is it? Its a nvidia 8600m gt, it has 256mb of dedicated memory and is a pretty new model, its dx10 compatible.

    is the Hz on the right setting for the monitor? I just tried all the different Hz. On 60Hz there is no image at all. On 70, 72, and 75, the colors are correct but its off center and flickering really bad.

    I was also thinking of putting a vga to dvi adapter on my laptop and hooking up the monitor via a dvi cable

  9. I recently got a samsung 216bw monitor but it won't work with my laptop's vga output correctly. It flickers beyond usability on resolutions below the maximum of 1680x1050 but on the maximum it either doesn't show an image at all, or shows an image but it will be off color and off center. What gets me is that it works perfectly fine on both my sister's laptop and my mother's laptop which only have 1gb of memory and integrated graphics. It also works perfectly fine with my xbox 360. They have a dell 1525 and dell 1700, i have a dell 1500 with 2gb of memory and a 256mb video card. One problem that occurs on all three is that when i plug in my external speakers the picture on the monitor flickers and bands go vertically and there is a low and loud frequency coming through my speakers.

    I think the problem is either 1) an incompatibility with my video card, 2) damage to my laptops vga output, 3) the vga cable needs to be shielded.

    What do you guys think?

  10. Go for the one you want the best, that's the only advice I can give.

    Yeah there are so many phones nowadays and so many different people, you should just really decide youself. You could look on sites like cnet.com for phone reviews, pictures, or previews.

  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080722/ap_on_bi_ge/oil_prices

    Down another 4 bucks a barrel. Looks like they finally figured out prices go up, people stay home. Now they are concerned that americans are becoming less dependent on oil and just not spending the money on gas. Don't think that trend will ever change again. People are to worried gas will jump up way to much again, so habits will probally stay the same. Less travel, more walking, More fuel effecent cars. Big trucks and SUV's are becoming a thing of the past. America is feed up and just staying close to home.

    yeah i'm starting to see more and more toyota priuses in my area.

  12. I understand people get heated over there opinions, it's all good, we all have our sanity, at least I like to think so lol , lets all use our intelligence, and try not to take things personal. :)

    haha yeah i should have known better than to start a debate over politics on the internet....

  13. I'm jumping in here to say this is a public forum, and the thread are as such. There will be no soliciting to stay on, or off any given thread.

    There will be disagreements, we keep them in check, we don't allow inflammatory remarks to get out of hand.

    Now, this is a good discussion, and we could keep discussing personal opinions, and keep personal attacks out.

    i wasn't serious, but yeah that true and ur right. i have nothing else to say anyway, but this guy is just going from thread to thread attacking what i say. He shouldn't put his ideas out there if he doesn't expect opposing ideas. He seems so shocked that someone else out there thinks differently.

  14. Tommie all i ask is that you stop waving your flag for a second put yourself in other people's shoes. Don't try to insult my intelligence like i use everything all day without thinking about the energy i use. I have energy saving light bulbs, air conditioner, and i carpool to work five days a week. Tommie all i am saying is that you are trying to insult my intelligence like i'm some misinformed obama supporter who doesn't know what the hell i'm talking about. Will you please lighten up. We both grew up with different experiences. I grew up on welfare half the time. I have a friend who came back from iraq with both legs blown off and his jaw who will be stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. I have a cousin in iraq, a brother in the navy, two friends in the army, and one friend in the navy. None of them went because they wanted to except for one guy. I myself was lucky enough to get an academic scholarship to go to college. My point is that people grow up with different experiences and live through different things so we vote for different people based off of what has happened to me in my life these are the views i have you can't so easily and blatantly call everybody wrong who opposes you. I UNDERSTAND why and how some people like bush and mcain or are for digging for oil in america. But from what i've seen, the millions of blacks locked in the superdome for days with dying people around them and now things like http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/07/21/katrina.supplies/index.html this happening. You are so narrow minded and wave so flag so vigourosly you're not looking around you. and if you look you will see that more people are against you otherwise obama wouldn't be where he is right now Just like the stock market is a symptom not the cause of a bad economy, the president that is voted for is a symbol of what is going on in america and what the majority of people want. And hell even if obama is stupid about foreign issues and oil at least he is TRYING to solve more problems at home.

    please tommie for the sake of my sanity, don't bug me again about how i'm a mindless obama supporter or an idiot who wants to preserve the state of our environment. I'll make a deal, i'll stay off ur threads and go my own way, and u just leave me alone, i don't start many of my own threads anyway. Come november just sit there and scratch your head and wonder how obama became president.

    haha, this is kinda like what one of my professors told me. "noone ever listens to economist" things don't work the way most think they do. Give a guy a computer, the internet, and a tv switched to c-span and he thinks he knows it all.

  15. You asked me in PM' what was so funny, I have nothing to hide.  Yes it means we sent more soldiers there and mostly because we have a larger population to send.  :2funny:

    Now that would never do. I like to be an individual and that would make too many more like me then.  :haha: :haha: And so what does that make you anyway? If an old country hick from america is so bad?   :evil:

    I guess it all depends what you call senior citizens then, doesn't' it. So do you walk, ride a bike, or take a horse only? Or are you doing your part to use the same oil your complaining about polluting up your air?

    And I have to admit I am sorry you don't have the balls for patriotism. But again thats not my problem. If you had to defend the very rights you are using at this moment you would not even be talking like that.

    So there it is, why I thought you were so damned funny.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

    Now you let me know its a debate. I'd studied if I knew that.  :lol:

    I wonder if you say that with everything you turn on everyday. Plastic is petroleum based. So how are you even on the computer then? It must be hard to live that way.

    I do have to admit you sound just the type to vote for Obama though. Best of luck in the election.  :cheesy:

    WHOA :shocked:

    did i just pluck tommie's nerves or something? How long are u gonna continue riding my behind on these forums? I think it takes crazy extreme people like you for america to find the true balanced conscience.

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