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  1. GParted will probably solve the problem,

    If it doesn't, I'll give you a step by step walkthrough on fixing the MBR ( master boot record ).

    ok i'm still going to try gparted, but so u know what i was talking about dealing with OEM hard drives, i read this article below and tried the windows utility diskpart yesterday which said something along the line of "can't delete partition that is non-empry". look here...


    I also browsed the web and found numerous people having the same problem all who seemed to have dells and one who even had the same dell vostro 1500 i have...

  2. Have you tried booting from the vista dvd and running the recovery console; then open a command prompt and typing fixmbr?

    I'm not sure what all that means but i followed this guide.


    When you say "OEM" you either mean you bought the HDD stand alone, and installed it, or do you mean it was in the machine , pre loaded w/ Vista?  If it is the second, is there a "backup drive " showing as well? If so, thats one of the reasons there is no space to remove partition. Use "gparted live cd" http://download.tuxfamily.org/gpartedlive/  , D/L the 1st ISO on the list , you can boot to this cd)  to make any adjustments you want. But be sure you know exactly what you are changing, and watch the " flags" section. Change as little as possible when deleting a partition.

    The EXT3 partition is what Linux/Ubuntu (formated on Ubuntu installation as) uses as well as a swap, ans possibly a combination of others as well. But not sure why they weren't deleted during uninstall.

    yes i mean that it was preinstalled. And yes i've heard of gparted and already downlaoded it, i'm gonna try it out when i get back from class when i have more time.

  3. Ok...a long story short i installed ubuntu linux...loved the OS but didn't support programs i needed...I allocated it some space on my hard drive and after decided i wasn't gonna use Ubuntu anymore i deleted that partition off my hard drive. Somehow that partition is now an extended logical partition. I couldn't delete it or format it to try to make it unallocated space so i could combine it back with my main primary drive. So i heard something on many forums about how my problem is caused because i have an oem drive and i would have to reinstall vista. I did this and it helped, i can now at least format the extended logical partition so i can use it unlike before, but still i can't delete it. When i try to delete it i get a message that "there is not enough space on the hard disk for this operation."

    To try to lead u in the right direction i think i heard something about a pagefile to free up space or something i'm not sure...

    What do i do???

    If u need any info to help me just let me know and i'll get back to u really quick.

    thanks in advance

  4. It's all about judging character  and integrity. They all lie there brains out , so you have to look at there pasts, and there supposed interests , try an see if you can see through all the cloudy masses of BS.

    You have a good point but still i don't think the church he goes to is relevant.

  5. MttFrog13    " As i say this, know that i am black, "

    for me this sums up all that is wrong in this world , that you feeling the need to say that , for me I was born white , just by chance I could have been born any other colour , religion whatever , or any place in the world , just the luck of the draw for me I guess , racial intolerance is taught from childhood I guess , and in the year 2008 it is time for us all to move on,

    If Obama is the best you have , thats OK by me , and that is how it should be  IMHO,

    BTW over here in the UK we have a prime minister , Scottish , and not voted for , his religion is unknown to me , but we are giving him a fair crack of the whip ,

    Water I am truly amazed at your American way of finding a president , it seems to me to be a pure hollywood dream stuff , is Homer Simpson in the running ?

    I only said that so you would understand where i am coming from and that i understand what is going on. I dont think Obama deserves all the publicity and attention GOOD OR BAD just because of his color or what church he goes to. My whole point is that people should stop judgin him (hilary too) and just look at what he wants to do for the country.

  6. As i say this, know that i am black. I can't stand that people go to these extents to find one little piece of dirt on Obama when there are plenty of things to be hated about the other candidates. I swear some people will vote for a white guy instead of Obama even if they truly think that Obama will do more good for the country. Everyone always attacks the guy in the lead. Now that white supremest see that Obama is winning states and that he actually might be president, they are all now pissed off.

    Obama has good intentions. Whether you vote for him or not, get off his f*cking nut sack and let the man run for president. Stop trying to make him look bad, ur just making yourself look more desperate that you don't want a man of color to be THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON ON EARTH. I'll get back to you guys in November when Obama is president.

  7. Which one do you guys use and how do you like it? I currently use windows live hotmail but am thinking about moving to gmail. Windows live hotmail seems to be slow to load and i've heard a lot of fuss about gmail. I wanted to think this over before i switch because i will have to go to about 20 websites and things to switch my default email if i switch.

    i will still have to keep my hotmail for xbox live and msn messenger and keep my aol email for aim.

  8. i wanna try using a dock in windows, i think it and ichat are the best features in a mac. I tried using the third party dock called rk launcher but i wasn't able to get the hang of it and on some programs like windows media player it will be in the way of the buttons at the bottom unless i hide it which i didnt like to do. Also i like having the time in the corner. Anyone know of an app that will imitate the task bar at the top of a mac. If anyone can help me, i just wanna try to get the basic interface to work like a mac.

  9. The stuff about gaming was just side stuff. If u notice i said that since u could buy a pc laptop with out a video card it would be even cheaper. I like macs and all and owned one for a long period of time but like itunes for u, macs just "aren't my cup of tea," but i just saw ur budget was $1,000 and the toshiba's u showed us were around $800 and i knew u couldnt get a mac for that so what else do u expect me to recommend. If you got money like that, the mac isn't a bad choice at all, i'm sure u will be happy with it. Profanity was uncalled for.

  10. Just a few things to as why they are the best selling laptops

    On the worldwide scale for notebooks, HP has 21.4% market share, Acer 16.2%, Dell 13.8%, Toshiba 9.1%, Lenovo 8.9%, Sony 5.6%, Fujitsu-Siemens 4.7%, Apple 4.6% and Asus 4.2%. This is as of Dec 3, 2007 according to DisplaySearch an NPD company.

    Apple did grow 36% but their market share is so small, 36% is not significant. The most expensive laptop can't be the best selling. I believe they would catch up if they found a way to lower their prices. Honestly the only reason why people even like their laptops is becaue of how thin they are and how much style they have. At my university the only people i see with Macs are rich kids wearing uggz or driving BMW's. But for someone like me who is into computers a Mac is not an option. I wouldn't mind having a Macbook to travel with because i could bear that but there is no way in hell i would buy a mac desktop.

    Mac's can run windows apps....

    yeah like all the games right....

    and unless u are in graphic editing, theres no reason to run mac apps cus everyone knows safari and itunes suck. ichat is pretty good tho.

  11. a 15 inch mac starts at about $2,000, over twice your budget. Look at the stats in my sig, i got that for $1,100.

    Also included was an integrated webcam, dvd burner, 1440x900 glossy screen, and 120GB hard drive. Adding on my beefy 256MB video card was $200 of the $1,100 my laptop costs. Nowadays even if you aren't gaming, just because of Vista's interface, i recommend you get the 128MB video card with your dell(i just looked and the 128mb video card is mandatory on dell laptops now), so that means you could get what i have with a decent video card for $1,000 which is right at your budget.

    Also since dell's prices have gone down since i bought mines(I just looked, what i bought for $1,100 is now $1,000), and also because i paid extra to get vista business, you will have even more money left in your budget to get lets say integrated blue tooth, bigger hard drive, or a bigger battery for extra battery life.

    EDIT: I see you just bought a MAC, hope you are happy with it. But i have to say, I wouldn't buy a MAC unless i worked in video or picture editing. Yeah i heard it runs PS well and everything but its not like i'm loosing that much by running PS on my dell. Basically, the amount of things you loose by switching to a MAC don't make up for a performance boost in PS and some other graphics software. The way i see it, other than graphic editing wise, a PC can do everything a MAC can do, but a MAC can't do everything a PC can do.

  12. I read that firefox 3 made big improvements with its memory usage compared to firefox 2. I read a guys test that showed the evidence. But then i read something about how it doesn't make any improvements. So i decided to run my own benchmarks comparing the three browser's memory usage. Everything was done twice, cache was cleared between each type of test and each new test. Results were averaged and rounded for 2 zeros BEFORE averaging.

    Program Startup (homepage msn.com):

    IE: 32,300

    FF2: 19,750

    FF3b1: 22,900

    Loading of 5 webpages: (msn.com, digg.com, g4tv.com, youtube.com, zdnet.com)

    IE: 108,350

    FF2: 68,100

    FF3b1: 75,400

    After 2 Minutes:

    IE: 109,850 +1,500

    FF2: 78,300 +10,200

    FF3b1: 72,250 -3,150

    Loading of 2 websites with browsing (zdnet.com > news > hardware)(digg.com > news > 7 days > dinosaur article):

    IE: 54,850

    FF2: 42,650

    FF3b1: 49,550

    After 2 Minutes:

    IE: 54,900 +50

    FF2: 45,150 +2500

    FF3b1: 49,700 +150


    Firefox 3 beta 1 does a much better job of memory management than ff2 or ie7. I was surprised by the bad performance of ie7. The most important thing to notice is that on the test where 5 pages were loaded and left for 2 minutes, ff3 actually DROPPED memory while during the same test ff2 continued to rise(might have hit 100,000 if test were 10 min). Also to notice is the decrease of the last test between ff2 and ff3 when zdnet and digg.com were browsed. On the second run, ff3 actually DROPPED after 2 min. more trials would be required to make sure of this but even without that second run dropping, ff3 still dropped dramatically from where ff2 was.

    This is not a confirmed success of FF3 but now i have much more hope for FF3 resolving memory issues. I have seen other people's benchmarks but i had to see it happen in front of me to believe it. This is only the beta, can't wait till the final version is released.

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