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  1. yeah thats true. i dont mind hypermemory or turbocache as nvidia calls it. i just wanted a minimum of 256MB dedicated. The card on my returned dell only had 128MB dedicated memory. Here's the site that shows the specs of the two 8600's. The one with turbocache has a faster gpu but less stream processors i dont know what this means. http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_8600M.html UPDATE: The benchmarks on notebookcheck.com say the 8600m gt is faster. I think the GT uses turbocache too but not as much.
  2. yeah i think i'm gonna get the HP, the video card is better and i think the new case looks more attractive than the bargain look of a dell. Now just to wait for my refund money....
  3. or i can get this 17" from HP for $1,391: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz/800MHz FSB/4MB cache) 2 GB memory 160 GB 5400rpm hard drive bluetooth webcam 511MB (256 dedicated) NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS CD / DVD writer 8 cell battery
  4. i think i'm going to get a one year warranty and maybe extend it afterwards. With my college student discount from 17" dell i can get this for $1,435: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz/800MHz FSB/4MB cache) 2 GB memory 160 GB 5400rpm hard drive bluetooth webcam 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT CD / DVD writer 85Whr Lithium Ion Battery (9 cell) I hope they hurry with my refund money because i'm leaving to go to Syracuse university around aug. 22
  5. also i wanna know whats better a mobile amd or intel?
  6. yeah dells are especially catching my eye right now cus they just redesigned the inspirons and i get a 6% student discount. so yeah the question is to dell or not to dell.
  7. if you remember this thread... http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=19203.0 then u know i had gotten a dell inspiron. I was on the phone for two hours with dell trying to get it returned and they finally agreed to refund me the entire amount paid including tax. The reason i returned it is that i was under the impression that the video card was 256mb when it was actually 128mb because it used hypermemory. The money won't get here for a month, the ups guy just came today and picked up my laptop. The dell i got was the old model with the white lining around it, so now i'm kind of thinking i should get the new model of dell's but not i also might get a hp or something, but the good thing about dell is that i get a 6% discount because i am a college student which i didnt know when i bought my first dell.. What is anyone's recommendation on what laptop i should get. I am being returned $1,326. I will probably round that up to $1,400. Anyway my question is, if i DON'T get a dell, what should i get, or do you recommend i get a dell.
  8. i recently watched a video on cnet where a lady was using what looked like windows vista, but the most interesting thing about the video was her semi-transparent cursor. Anyone have any info on where i could find this? I googled it and the results didn't seem to be what i saw in the video. Here is a link in to the video where i saw this. http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-9747572-12.html?tag=bubble
  9. i just got a 2gb flash drive and i'm about to format it, but i'm not sure which way to format it to ensure the quickest and most compatible use. I will only use it to transfer files to and from computers that are not on the same network.
  10. I tried shrinking my recovery drive (D:) and i wanted to extend my main drive (C:). When i tried the extend button remained inactive as seen here. What is the problem? Also i would like to know why is there 2 empty drives with no name and can i safely delete them. This is the way i bought my computer so I'm not exactly what is going on because i am new at drive partitioning. <img src="http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/8862/partitionhi6.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>Shot at 2007-07-16
  11. ok i got it to work. right when i was about to say f*ck this sh*t.i just unchecked the share media on my xp computer. then unchecked it on my vista, clicked apply and checked it again. This is so stupid seems like i just had to reset my sharing i dont kno. Thanks for the help anyways guys.
  12. going on 2 hours working on this, can anyone help. i made some progress. if i go to the folder in windows vista and go to folder options and view tab, if i uncheck use sharing wizard, the folder will be available on my xp computer but i still can't find it with my 360
  13. i've been workin on this for over an hour now, i wanna play my playlist while i race in forza 2 and this is holding me up, i just got the damn game. i tried disabling my firewall, even my anti virus and anti spyware resident shields. Restarting my laptop, xbox, and router. Also i should note that i can access vista's public folder but i dont want to use that setup i want to share with everything including my xbox. i went into windows media player and made sure xbox 360 was okayed for sharing.
  14. this happened to me yesterday, i had a file stuck on my desktop which i keep very clean it was so annoying. I found a site that said to end the explorer.exe process in task manager and delete it from command prompt and it worked. Here is the site, it also list other ways to delete files if that doesn't work everyone should take note of it for future reference. http://www.michna.com/kb/WxCannotDelete.htm
  15. Okay i dont know if the system was tweaked or what but i can't share my files in windows vista. I used to share all the time in xp and it just doesnt seem to work. i cant access from my other computers or my xbox 360. I have made sure everything under netword sharing center is "on" except password protection. And i have opened the ports for xbox live and file sharing but that is besides the fact cus i cant even access files from my other computer. And i should note that i can access other computer's files from my vista computer but not the other way around. can somebody give me a quick solution.
  16. i agree service pack 1 comes out this fall i think
  17. that would be cool but i dont use that program. i used to use cablenut on my other computer which has xp but i disabled it because it just didn't really see any improvements cus my connection was really fast and tweaks seemed to make it a little more unstable. I use a lot of firefox tweaks for speed tho and maybe someone could make a video for that, cablenut, and tcp optimizer.
  18. Yeah it played smoothly when i watch that video by itself(I have a core 2 duo ), i think it might be because i was recording at a high resolution. My screeen's native resolution is 1440x900 but i changed it down to 1024x768 to make the video not so blurry when i uploaded it and record better. Maybe i should go down to 800x600 next time.
  19. Very first video editing project i did which gives and intro to vista and some of it features. I know a lot of people don't like vista and all but that wasn't my reason for making it. check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNsRNwG0og
  20. That's cool, i heard of ready boost but i thought it had something to do with the boot up times. I'm kind of broke right now but you say 2GB is "comfortable" so are you saying that i will notice a big performance jump if i go from 1GB to 2GB?
  21. All this memory talk got me thinkin, i just bought a laptop with a really fast core 2 duo and 1 GB of RAM that is pc-5300 667. Do you think 1gb is really neccessary. On the other hand i guess it depends on how i use my laptop. i will do gaming, huge downloads, video converting, web browsing, word processing, and some photo editing. If they gave me 2x512mb i will wait to upgrade to 2x1gb but if they gave me 1x1gb i will definitely throw another 1gb stick in there for $60. When i was customizing my laptop on dell.com they wanted $175 for a 1gb to 2gb upgrade they are so ridiculous cause 1gb of pc-5300 ddr2 667 laptop memory on costs about $60
  22. mentioning does anyone know a proven process to embed sub files into the actual fram picture?
  23. Everyone should just take extra care to not bend or tug at the cord a lot where it enters the computer so it doesn't short or disconnect connection to the computer or bend the metal piece out the end of the cord which both happened to my mom's laptop.
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