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  1. CA3LE, your analysis confirmed my beliefs. It'll be awhile before Havasu's infrastructure is upgraded. That said, there isn't anything Suddenlink (or any one) can do. I'm not sure what areas Comcast services; I know they are on a long list that doesn't service LHC. No option but Suddenlink; unless you go with Frontier and get a 7.0 Mbps DSL connection that costs just as much. Thanks for the response. What part of Phoenix? I spent 10 years in Mesa (82-92) and built pools all over the valley. Been back a couple of times and am amazed at the continued growth. When I was there both Ahwatukee and Fountain Hills were basically just ideas/dreams of developers. Thanks again, not only for the reply - also for the great site you maintain. Swizzle 1
  2. Hello existing members! question I'd like to to gain some insight on: on a 15Mb Down/1.5Mb Up connection provided by the only cable company here in Lake Havasu - Suddenlink - our uploads are so pathetic? Here are my combined averages DL is ~ 7% better; UL ~ 20% worse - than advertised: Download :: 16.2 Mbps 2 MB/s Upload :: 1.2 Mbps 145 kB/s. What I wonder is why Suddenlink only offers a connection that is slightly better than 50% the National Average. Anyone got input?
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