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  1. You will be caught eventually.  Like any other cable company, they do audits at set times every week/mo.  They all go around checking out people's services from their taps.  And yes they can track your usage from the first second you plugged your modem in.  They can see how much time you spent online/offline, and can postrate you if they choose to, it's perfectly legal.

    And no you can't leech just because your MAC address is registered with a cable/telecomm... The tech who set up your service most likely fucked up and added internet to your service, or it may possibly be a promotion they forgot to mention.

    Check your bill out closely and check.  I don't know if comcast does it, but ive heard of verizon, turner, and pacbell postrating people for stolen internet service.  One guy got slammed since he was stealing bandwidth for nearly 3 years.

    My advise to you is to call Comcast up, and tell them that you noticed on your bill recently that you weren;t being billed for internet, but you have access, and ask if there is a promotion you could take advantage of.

    If you come clean on your own, and play dumb I don't think any cable/telecomm company would slap you.

  2. It's different from region to region.

    Most regions:




    If you are in an area that has Fios then it looks like




    Those are the approx numbers.  The 4MB service is not available to cable subscribers, and you get a discount on internet if you have cable or CDV.  Also they have a promo in most areas called the Triple Play.  You get Internet, cable, and CDV for $99/mo.

    Call 1-888-COMCAST and you can get more information, and sign up.

  3. Ok, it's been driving me nuts.  My mother's notebook has never gotten over 250k/s, it's connected wirelessly to my router.

    My PC hardconnected to the router gets around 6.5 meg connection, while anything on wireless only gets around 1000-1800.

    Anything I can do to fix this?  Its a 802.11b router, but from what i'e heard a wireless-b router can easily handle these slow comcast services.

    P.S. My upload speed on this laptop is like 380... uploads at 44k/s which is about the same as my PC...

  4. USB to ethernet converter?  Are you connecting to your modem through USB?  That's icky.

    And your pings are terrible. Since you're in FL... goto http://forums.comcast.net/thread.jspa?threadID=43822&tstart=0  And post those results, and tell them where you reside..  Let them know when your high speeds are, when your low speeds are, etc.  According to that post they're currently working on things in southern florida.

    If you;re not in southern florida, create a new topic and post all those stats, and tell them where in florida you reside.

  5. That is an upgrade in ul.  Most Comcast tiers have neve gone over 384.  I'm still stuck on 384 until I upgrade to 8000/768.  Your speeds look good to me.

    And the only people who know if Comcast is going to upgrade the ul speeds, is Comcast.  You'll have to wait for an official announcement.  I'd guess their next upgrade would be in the Spring(by then FIOS will be dispatched in 20-40% of Verizon's area of influence... I think that was the number.

  6. :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 5344 Kbps about 5.3 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 652 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2)

    Test Time:: Wed Sep 7 08:32:42 EDT 2005

    Bottom Line:: 95X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.57 sec

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 26.01 % faster than the average for host (comcast.net)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-FR23IY8GD

    :::.. Upload Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 339 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 579 kB)

    Upload Speed is:: 41 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server1)

    Test Time:: Wed Sep 7 08:36:41 EDT 2005

    Bottom Line:: 6X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 24.98 sec

    Diagnosis: 90% + Okay : running at 93.39 % of your hosts average (comcast.net)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-GW3H4MDLT

    no tweaks just yet.  I live in Baltimore, and im waiting for an official announcement that the node router for my area has been patched.  At that point I should be getting the advertised speeds, THEN I can start tweaking her out.

  7. Since I've gotten tired of replying to every post here, i'm creating this topic, mods please sticky it.

    Comcast is currenctly having a number of problems throughout the country.  The upgrade has caused a number of speed problems throughout the country.  The problems are mostly centralized in their node routers.

    If you are in one of the following areas, please goto http://forums.comcast.net/forum.jspa?forumID=5 and and find the thread designated for your area. 

    Maryland(Baltimore County)

    Maryland(Montgomery County)

    Northern California and the Bay Area

    Southern Florida

    Southern California

    These 5 areas are the most problematic, and Comcast is currently working on them.  In Maryland they are testing, and implementing a new patch on the routers, the other areas they are searching, and testing for the problem.

    If you are not in one of those areas, you may want to create a new thread in that forum.

    For whereever you live, post these results in your post(EXCEPT FOR BALTIMORE COUNTY, they dont need more results)

    In the command prompt tracert www.comcast.net and enter the results

    Goto and check stuff like your signal strength, system status, etc and post those results.

    In the command prompt post the results of ipconfig/all

    In the command prompt post the results of ping -n 20 www.comcast.net

    And post speed results from different times of day(especially if there is a trend of being fast at times, and slow at times)

    And MAKE SURE you tell them what tier you SHOULD be at.(after checking this thread to see if you have been upgraded: http://forums.comcast.net/thread.jspa?threadID=42769&tstart=0)

  8. Have you done a tracert?  Goto Start => Programs => Accessories => Command Prompt

    A little black window will come up.  Type in 'tracert www.comcast.net'  withtout the '  Then copy and paste the result in here.

    People in the know: If his first hop is through the white marsh, or owings mills routers, he should be fine since those routers have been patched(which means he needs to goto this link http://forums.comcast.net/thread.jspa?threadID=44953&tstart=0 and let them know that there is still a prob out there).  If his first hop is any other router, then he just needs to wait for that router to be patched, comcast will let us know in that thread when it is fixed.

  9. The problem is on their side.  In all of MD their routers are screwed up.  They're developing a patch, but its taking forever.  They recently patched the white marsh, and owings mills area routers and things are fine there now.  So the rest of us should be fixed in the next couple weeks... or so they say.  but we all know how HORRIBLE comcast's customer service/maintenance is.

  10. If you didn't know, there are HUGE comcast problems all over the country.  Primarily in South FL, North CA, and all of MD.  People are getting INSANELY slow speeds.  I live in Md and its horrible.  I should be getting 6MB down, im getting 1-3.  The upload it fine.

    Their routers are all screwed up, so of course its taking months to develop a patch.  In MD they got the patch done, and everythign is workign correctly in those areas.  They say two weeks, possibly more to fix the rest of the state.

  11. If we have to wait till late 06/early 07, comcast will have something comparable to 15/2 available.  And they're not stupid, they know they will have to compete with FIOS.  They've gotta be working on more than just the 8/768 that is coming.  For now i'll just grab up the 8/768 in bmore when it comes out.  I heard it will be available from the whitemarsh/parkville/towson hub areas by mid-august, probably sooner.  While other people say July 20th, and still others say late august... so we'll see.

  12. Welcome to The Forum Syon :hello:

    only upgrade if you play online games (xbox, ps2)  and download BIG files. No need to go higher if you just use it to check emails, search, etc.

    I'm not quite THAT much of a newb ;P  I'm hardcore into anime, MMORPG's, and sometimes FPS.  A hardcore anime fan can NEVER have too much bandwidth ;x

    I've downloaded over 100GB in the past 1.5 months, and I have 45GB worth of torrents dling right now lol.  I want some upload sooo badly, it is waaaaaaaaaaaay too slow for people who like seeding what they download.

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