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  1. no i mean look at the topic "^^" are arrows i guess. But i need a free not a trial hard drive recovery utilty
  2. Of course him and his dad will prob be under the same IP so it will be hard to prove that it is actually his dad
  3. hey philp why is ur post count at 2, i know u hade more posts than that.
  4. calories=energy. I cant give you a specfic number as too as many calories you should consume but the main goal is to burm more calories than you consume. i wouldnt even worry so much about calories, focus on a clean diet 2000 calories would be good
  5. Eat more often with smaller portions to speed up metabolism aswell. and also dont SKIP breakfest or any meal for that matter, starving yourself is not going to help also when you start feeling tired during ur workout, thats when u really need to push ur self.
  6. i would have said jogging but i understand if it too cold. Also sports are great too: basketball, football..etc Stair stepping if u have stairs in ur house. IF there was some indoor place you could jog that would work. Also have u considered joing a gym? they arent too expensive but wat do i know my parents pay for it. biking works too but it still it too cold
  7. if i were you i would diet and do cardio. Wait till you lose more weight before you start weight lifting. Tredmill is a good start. Try 5 min walking, 5 min jogging, 5 min walking, 5 min jogging...etc. Also drink lots of water and clean up your diet also do not do weight lifting every day, 3-5 days a week would be fine. My routine is a as follows Monday: Biceps, back Tuesday:triceps, chest Wednesday:Shoulders, legs Thursday:Biceps, back Friday:Triceps, chest Sat: cardio Sun: rest For now do cardio 3 days a week and once u start loosing weight then start pumping iron.
  8. in the morning it been in the upper 60's but it usually reaches the mid 80's during the day but still not bad. http://www.weather.com/weather/weekend/33618?from=tenDay_topnav_undeclared
  9. how cold? Down here in tampa its gonna be around 80 or so.
  10. My advice for you is to eat 5-6 times a day, stay away from junk food, get enough sleep. Exercise!!! Tredmill, jog, sports. Also once u start losing weight it would be good to start lifting weights.
  11. Have you tried weight watchers, a lot of people have had success with that program. Also how tall are you?
  12. yeah but u still have to exercise and diet along with the pills. Usually they speed up metabalism but to speed up metabolism u need to eat 5-6 meals a day. Eat Smaller portions more frequently.
  13. Here is a good site to go to for diet/fittness related things. There you will find plenty of help Just stay away from sugars, chips, greasy foods, white bread. Also working out helps a lot.
  14. IDK i always thought they were a hoax. My advice: if u want to lose weight maintain a strict diet and exercise and thats all you have to do.
  15. The WoW episode was pretty funny. but that was the only episode i have ever seen.
  16. my parents navigator gets 12mpg and that has a 5.4 litre v8. but my dad mountaneer gets 18mpg and it is a v6(pretty bad for a v6) Has gas been low is ur area ?around here if u look hard enough u can get it for 2.09 (for reg unleaded)
  17. i have never gotten a popup on this site but im using FF
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