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  1. Make sure you're actually at the 3/768 package. Which DSL modem do you have? Remember that DSL is a best effort technology. They may have tried to get you 3/768 but you were too far from the CO so theyu had to reconfigure you for 1.5/384.
  2. The 44.95 package is a special business package, that everyone under 5k feet loop length and on a CO that has enough capacity to handle it. Its a package to compare (sort of, though not well) to the 44.95 FIOS package. You'll have to call billing and request the upgrade.
  3. VznPro


    Which modem do you have? Which OS are you runniong?
  4. That would be Verizon Freedom and yes you do get package discounts. However, youve got to have at least three Verizon services to get that.
  5. Actually, for those under about 5000 feet loop length, there is a 7.1/768 package offered at 44.95 a month from Verizon now. You have to specifically request it though.
  6. It acutally depends on where in PA you are ... some areas are PPPoE some are DHCP.
  7. Very good so I can expect the same sort of ping times at home that Im getting on my DS-3 at work ... this is gonna be fun (Im signing up for the biz service with Static IP ... game servers are gonna rock)
  8. Nice on the pings to myspace .. how far are you from their ISP? Looks like its got all the ultra latency of a Tier 1 DS-3 connection ... Im drooling even more now.
  9. Im glad this got signed, now Crapter and Comcrap will have to really get to work with the HSI packages. And SBC ... is screwed If Verizon's smart (and I think its safe to say with their FIOS rollout theyve got a pretty good business model behind this) they will roll this out as quick as they can the all of D/FW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and any other major metro area. Considering there's a large HQ for Verizon in Las Colinas (D/FW) and given the current state of the rollout in our area, I'd look for all of the Dallas area to get it soon. No wonder cable hates it so much, now their crappy 3/256 or 6/768 plans at 40 bucks a month are gonna get slaughtered. Im moving to a house in Keller next week and Im already drooling at the thought of download stuff at over a megabyte per second. Chalk one up to Gov. Perry for using "GetErDun" on this.
  10. Can anyone post some ping times (particularly anyone in the Keller/Wylie/DFW, Texas area) from your connection to some sites ... Im interested to see just how good the latency is with the larger bandwidth.
  11. Crap they are using PPPoE for FIOS now? I know when they rolled it out in Keller (guess where Im moving to next week ) it was DHCP like the DSL is in Texas? Not that I dislike PPPoE but its more prone to problems than straight DHCP is. *shrugs* oh well, 15/2 here I come (until they drop the 30/5 price then Im all over that) Anyone know if the biz package offers Static IPs yet?
  12. Try doing a tracert to the game server you're logging into. The first hop or two should be sub-10ms ... if its not then youve isolated the problem to bad NIC/cable.
  13. Unfortunately, even if you switch ISPs ... the speed is dependant on the distance of the length of wire from the Central Office to your location. You may find a ISP that will try to go higher, but you're more than like going to experience intermittent connectivity. Go to the troubleshooting menu and go to transceiever stats, and post the results here. That should tell us a lot more about your connection.
  14. The $14.95 package is only for new customers and its only 768/128.
  15. Which model of westell do you have? If its a 6100, 2200 or Versalink, you can access the modem and take a look at a few stats that will shows a lot. Open up IE, type in in the address bar and log in. If you go to the Troubleshooting Menu then go to Transceiver stats, you can see a lot of things about your connection. The most important one you're going to want to look for is Margin. If this number is not at least in the high teens at the speed you're at, chances are you're not going to have a stable connection at the higher speed. More than likely this is going to be the case. Chances are, when they upgraded you, the noise margins dropped to an unacceptable level (generally if the downstream noise margin drops below 10 you are going to start having connectivity issues) As far as the $14.95 plan is ... that is a new customer promtion only.
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