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  1. Alright... buddy, you do need a hug... or some type of human contact.  You may have had sex once or twice... but you have obviously never f***ed a girl, I mean really f***ed a girl ;-) --- haha.  And who the hell said you can't have pussy AND money?  Dude.. money, cars, houses, rings, watches, cloths is how you get the hottest chicks (but usually they're too stupid to keep around for too long).  But they don't take your money if you don't want them to.  The only guys that lose money to girls are retarded people.  But you do have to fork out some cash for dinners, activities, gifts... but what the hell is wrong with that!?!?  What is money good for if you can't share it with anyone?  Don't you want someone to talk to that isn't on your buddy list, lol.  You said your NOT a mormon.... but you never said you weren't gay... hummm    ~~~~  hell you might not be gay, but if your not gay and your not strait... then you must be A-Sexual (wack it allot buddy?)

    If your like TED KACZYNSKI (not KACKZYNSKI) then you need to see a doctor... anyone that speaks that highly of themselves may need help anyway.

    "Your lack of dollars makes me sad"  --- who said that any of us are lacking money?  We just don't go blabbing about it in a thread that is totally unrelated to money (or in any thread for that matter).  And I can guarantee you that the people that aren't as fortunate as you (say you are) are far richer in LIFE than you.  Human contact IS life, your a HUMAN!  People are made up in all shapes, sizes and material wealth... if it weren't for 'poor' people then there would be no benchmark for wealth... therefor there would be no 'rich' people.

    By the way, and I speak for all - I'm sure.  If you were trying to impress, you did the opposite.  Your post is so ludicrous it almost looks fake.

    don't send me a mail bomb Ted!!!  :haha:  --- re-signup and be yourself for christ sake.  :angry3:

    This is how I get them in bed  ;) ... Either

    A)  :D Strait forward approach --- "Hey, do you want a back massage?" then take them into your bedroom, hook 'em up with a GREAT massage... they get to feelin' sexy and usually flip over and start making out with you... haha, works every time.


    B)  :twisted: The Trojan approach (this is usually the better approach, plus you get a free back rub) --- "Hey, would you mind rubbing my back for a little bit... it's really hurting me right now, I had a long day of playing Counter-Strike (haha)." - then take them into your room, let them rub you back for a while (don't ever expect a great massage, most girls are too weak to give a good massage... but some make up for it with massage style ;-)) -- then after a while (don't milk it [don't let her massage too long], she will get out of the mood) say "Ohhhh, that was awesome... Okay, your turn."  --- you know what happens from there ;-)

    NOW, with either A or B make sure to un snap the bra (if she has one... if she doesn't then you can figure right away that your going to get laid.. lol - use protection for that bitch, haha) - no1 you can't give a propper massage with a bra snapped... no2 it opens a boundary ;-)  ~~~~~~~~ If your not all that good at massages or if you want something extra - use lotion - lotion can turn the crappiest massage into the best in the world..... it can turn the best massage into a definite lay  :twisted:      :evil6: :evil6: :evil6:

    - Dr. Damon

    Not to give to much away but yes I am of the rainbow flavor. ;) I do not like people, and honestly I run such a sweet opperation that I browse posts from work where I um :idea:(idea) dont have to put out fires or do emergency back ups, or recover a server. person that  Wants proof? I will scan my badge, my license and my benz titles as well as my mortgage bill , email me. [snip for privacy]. I  If if didnt live in cyberspace  I'd have too much human contact time. Human kind does benefit from my w13d ne$$. I do computational research for grid.org with 12 systems on a beowulf. I churn out 200-270 hours a day of cancer research and proteome folding.  the truth Yes GAY! Rich, no i am not(from the happyness deffinition).    Really well off? Yes I am (financially). 2 Benz yes. Own house? Yes  Do I have Friends? A thing of the past. and finally I  Work more onward of 70+ hours a week to avoid a computer filled luxury dungeon of boredom. I work downtown SLC and love to look out the lab window on people below, they are distant (the way I like it) but still near enough for the reaffrimation I am not living like the guy in the book repository  on the thilight zone.  there you have it. MADcyborge (I know I spell MAD cyborg wrong, duh!)

  2. Fastest way to get a girl to have sex from when I get my buddies laid (As i have significantly more money than they) is https://testmy.net/ or  https://testmy.net/forum/.  Simply put If you want it pay for it. I state clearly that the US IT industry will never beat India and china as long as we keep our minds in the gutters and asses on the couch! MAKE MONEY,WHEN NOT @ WORK GO TO SCHOOL/STUDY. Human company is rubbish,humans are maggots. I am not a GD Mormon I renounce all momo'.  What puts me ahead of you all that mock me is pure rage and greed. I can not be a happy simple guy that "boinks:" some bimbo every other night. I stay away from Women to keep IRATE :twisted: all the damn time, from fury comes proffit and innovation. With pure mallice in my heart there is never room for complacency. 1 house 2 Benz I will never settle, I must have/make /know more than all the rest, I reject humans. I am not paid to know people, however I am paid to know technology..

    To the dude in slc I dont know the sickness but if you see me on state its the 92 white Benz with a dell d600 laptop and a "NO I WILL NOT FIX YOUR COMPUTER!!!" sticker on the back and license plate frame that says if your not a computer I wont talk to you.  I got  GPS maps of the valley made if U need.

    oH WELL I guess I am just  like TED KACKZYNSKI, Mean and brilliant, not to mention well off.  So to all of u,l  :cry: Your  lack of dollars makes me sad :cry:

    edit: url

  3. This is easy, I help people map drives all day as a service desk tech. First get the EXACT drive path from some one that has the drive allready. You can do this from run and type //, this should bring up any network paths accessed, find the right one and write it down. IF the run line does not show what you need, go to a coworkers pc that does have the share mapped Right click my computer, map network drive and pick the correct drive letter. This will give you the adress You will need to type in on your computer in a moment. The adres should look like //server/ folder EXAMPLE  //ninj45/payroll.

    Once you get your information, mambo over to yer box. I am assuming its windows 2000 or XP. Right click my computer, Left click map network drive. Pick the drive letter You want to assign the network share (S drive X drive any letter works)  on the second line type in that info you got from a colleqague //server/folder OR you can hit browse and find the new server, then navigate downward once you have selected the server you should see the items available to you hosted on that server. Click the folder you want, and click reconnect at logon. Click ok you should be good from that point on.  :evil1: Way cool if this help, I just woke up and am writing this for someone assumingly semi familiar with a pc from your post I gathered you are,  ;)

    IF all else faild call help desk or hollar at yer IT dude.

    Good luck


  4. ;) These speds are ok. I would still pay extra for 1.5 Mb up though. WHO!? can complain in 2005 about 6 Mbps, in 3-4 years I will  but I am getting UTOPIA by then. Kudos Commy cast. :evil1:

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 6127 Kbps about 6.1 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 748 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (main)

    Test Time:: Mon May 16 20:29:18 MDT 2005

    Bottom Line:: 109X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.37 sec

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 71.1 % faster than the average for host (comcast.net)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-TX4ANLWBY

  5. On this one, I am letting comcasts performance speek for itself. 2 thumbs up. :-D

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 6175 Kbps about 6.2 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 754 kB/s

    Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

    Test Time:: Wed Mar 30 18:07:28 MST 2005

    [glow=red,2,300]Bottom Line:: 110X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.36 sec [/glow]

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 88.95 % faster than the average for host (comcast.net)

    Validation Link::

  6. K first things first. Satelite is for the rural house hold or the technologically deprived. I speak from having had dial up    UPload and satelite return and the MUCH more expensive microsowave up (no phone line or cable modem needed for this type).  Installation of the new 2 way systems  cost me 300 dollars (ouch!) :oops:  I had POOR! service from HUGHES DirecWay, they would not fix my problem when I called and got dic**d arround allot by unkept call backs and techs putting me on hold then hanging up. unless youre are absolutely deperate do not use. Once you buy the equipment, and yes you MUST buy new equipment, there is a hefty install fee even for the dial up retuen sat down type of connection. HUGHES also dictates how much download they "THINK" you should get and once that limit is reached BAM!! You get smacked like a red headed foster child--IE your downstream slows to almost dial up speeds. You get a nifty looking satelite modem, and bragging rights "well I got satelite internet" and that is cool but save your money. I recomend Sat only for the Broadband downtrodent (those who can not get ANY type of DSL or Cable)  I would emplore you, stick with dial up, go to DSL use Cable get Fiber Optics, whatever you do unless otherwise in BFE dont get sat internet acess.

    I am including a link to hughes FAQ page of how the system works, if you are cool with the setup and costs you can order there too.      http://hns.getdway.com/what_it_is.html   

    Contact me if you have any other questions or want to ask about specifics, My name is Rory BTW


    edit: privacy

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