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  1. Ok, looks like I figured it out (except I only have the URL to post, and not the pics like everyone else... Assistance anyone please?), problem was that I only looked at the first 2 pages of 70 which is an older format, and the last few pages make me miss the city for speeds. The 2 links are my 2 fastest and 2 slowest this week respectively, on a 3Mbps plan (satellite)... Would be great to get the first speeds consistantly, but unfortunately not, my 2 lowest speeds for drastic comparison, again, are not consistant speeds, thankfully this time... Lol Ok, fastest... https://testmy.net/jIfCK3z.png And, slowest... https://testmy.net/iheI5Qu.stKl3Jg.png Cheers to inconsistency, averaging, and finally, a real broadband option to replace the "Rocket Sticks" for us up in cottage country! Lol HunterAce
  2. How do I post my speeds as shown? It seems there is a template or something... (Sorry, only been on this site a week, and first day in any forum...). Thanks in advance, HunterAce
  3. Hi there, new to forum (well posting, not reading/researching)... Anyway, my results to the poll are based solely on this site, and yes I have even seen the OCCASIONAL d/l speed is at or even above my 3Mbps... I've had my new service (Xplornet Vaisat-1 satellite platform) for 8 days now, I've done over 50 tests with my lowest speed being a horrid 56Kbps, and an average of 630Kbps for the first 6 days. But for the past 2 days, my service seems to have levelled off with almost all tests over an average of 2Mbps, up to 3.8Mbps, with a total average over the 8 days of 1.4Mbps. I know It doesn't sound like much, but if I average just the last 2 days, even during peak times, it's around 2.6Mbps which is pretty close to the "up to" 3Mbps I'm paying for (60 GB cap, $2.50/GB over that). I've got to say, I did a lot of research seeing all kinds of negative reviews of Xplornet (Xplornetsucks.com and such), but I tried it because of the 30 day full money back guarantee, and the reviews were mostly over 3-4 years old if not more. They just launched 2 new satellites in 2011 & 2012, each having more bandwidth capabilities than all other satellites combined so they don't really get bogged down (lots of tech stuff that is pretty cool if you're into that), and I guess I should say my only other real option is using a stick because I live in a very remote area(very expensive, only 5-6GB for more than my plan now)... Just a suggestion I guess as well for anyone else without DSL, or cable type options, and very reasonable for what you get due to heavy marketing of promotional plans right now. I'll try to remember to post again in a few days or a week and update on my speeds for anyone that's interested or has any questions. (Maybe I should look into "finder's fee", it sounds like I'm a sales agent, lol), and so far the customer service has been good... So, being new, I hope I used this forum properly, and was more helpful than boring. And I'm open to any questions to save others the research time, if I can just remember to check the forum... (are there email notifications of any replies etc. so I don't leave anyone hanging?)... LOL!! Cheers all, HunterAce
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