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  1. I have a whole bunch of people in Phuket, Thailand, who are looking for a more reliable speed test to replace the one that I started years ago (www.phuketinternetspeed.com). Most of us are expats, and we're specifically concerned about download speed to the States. The ISPs in Phuket actively throttle international access. I really like testmy.net, but we're hitting a major anomaly. When we run back-to-back tests, first Smartest, then a fixed size test (say, 1.5 MB), we get speed results that swing by 50% or more. Any idea why? When we run tests through DSLReports, we see pretty steady results. Our problem is that the local ISPs have caught on to our testing and reporting, and they've intentionally disabled throttling on the DSLReports IP addresses. Thanks for any light you can shed! - Woody Leonhard (Google me)
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