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  1. I might have already replied to this topic a while ago, so if I did, forgive me...I just didn't check whether I had or not. I'd just like to give a quick summary of my view of TMN vs. "the others." I am a networking guy by profession as well as by degree and certifications, so it is natural for me to be the "curious cat" about everything networking and to try to "fool the system" (e.g. find bugs that cause erroneous results) as well as attempt to prove or disprove the validity of someone's claim (in this case, the accuracy of TMN). Many (probably most) people do not realize that there
  2. From a SUSE Open Linux Virtual Machine with a VXNET3 NIC for the public IF. If you are interested in the setup of my environment, read on below the link...warning: you might get bored because I tend to ramble sometimes It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of visiting TMN, been out of the country for some time now. Nice to be back...anyway, I've been tweaking a SUSE box (SUSE is my new obsession recently) that I have installed as a network lab on one of my ESXi vCenter servers....anyway, I'll get to the point. Just completed a transition from the "default" Enterprise Plu
  3. Hello again, My apologies for the long time away...it's been crazy! I was reading comments on the MTU and maybe I should have given a little more information before just spitting it out there! there are few reasons "normal" systems need an MTU above 1500, but like FiberGuy said..in general it is an auto adjusting thing. If the OS is old, or jumbo frames not supported, it can cause problems. However, I seem to notice more problems when I have the MTU set at 1500 than up at 9000 .. mostly because one of my second obessions is VPN with IPSEC and/or L2TP over IPSEC and anyone who plays aro
  4. I will preface this post by saying that I am a Windows dummy, so I don't have a whole lot to offer to the Microsoft bunch out there. However, my quick little tips don't apply so much to a particular OS as to general system settings good for almost any OS, so here goes: 1. Minimize the amount of running services on your system. I cannot overstress the importance of this one -- the more services & applications you have running simultaneously on your box, the more overhead utilized. So many people have all kinds of virus scanners, supposed "speed up" apps, unnecessary running servi
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to put my two cents in here for what it's worth. First of all, I have no interest in any online speed test. I host mirrors for the two most popular speed test sites, one of which you are on right now. My only interest is in helping people get accurate and informed information when it comes to measuring their internet speed. I will probably upset some people with this post, but what I am saying comes from my 12+ years of experience in tweaking web servers and meticulously measuring the details of different transports. For http (e.g. "internet" or web-browser co
  6. Does it "stall" during the upload (e.g. while showing the progress bar) or after the progress bar reaches 100% and when you should be getting the results? SIETEC
  7. Thank you, I have been very impressed with this box - I wouldn't complain about anything because, frankly, I was shocked to see a browser via http over one pipe perform like this. Hopefully you are right and browsers will implement additional protocols for general use. I think you are correct, everything is very symmetrical as far as the upstream/downstream xfer goes. I would imagine you need at least 7-10 seconds in order to measure the speed accurately when you account for the propogation delay, handshakes, etc. I imagine 33MB is generally plenty...most people don't check in with an unmet
  8. Test ran 235.3Mbps (28.7 MB/s) Down & 122.4Mbps (15.3 MB/s) Upstream This is, of course, not your typical home computer. This is my dedicated Centos box with two 1Gbps Connections, unmetered, no throttling. I pay $490 per month for this machine and the 12 IP addresses on it. Not bad for such a blazing fast machine...it is awesome! I have actually seen through the network monitors on the box, with simultaneous connections from multiple VM's that I was transferring files from...I have seen >60MB/s on the downstream node and the upstream was doing about 20 MB/s....it was
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