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  1. Hi everyone. I love the website - especially the auto-test feature. I'm a Charter subscriber in the Southern US. Most of the time I've been happy with Charter's performance. Lately I've had intermittent upload issues (upload speed essentially drops to zero) and Charter has acknowledged that the problem is on their end, They claim that they can only fix/detect the problem when it is acting up so I am supposed to call in immediately when I see a problem on my end, My question is, because I am lazy and don't want to continually monitor the testmy.net auto tests, is there a way I could be e-mailed automatically by testmy.net if there is an aberration in my upload speed? Or if not, has anyone done this before by web-scraping a speed test site? The basic idea being that I poll the speed test site until there is a problem, I get notified via e-mail, and then I immediately call Charter.
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