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  1. Hmm did the mirror still on Dallas (for giggles) works now,, back to my reg link.. hey Good to Go. Thanks for your speedy responses, Sure Appreciate you guys.. I let everyone know this is the only place to get a decent test. (I need Sustained downloads for accuracy) so Thanks Again and Thanks for the mirror link too.
  2. I usually run a good 9-12 M down now it says more like 48k will try mirror thanks.
  3. Been using you for ever, Love all your hard work, went to check my speed the other day & boom... Draaagggs Barely downloads, gets stuck on upload (it seems), just super slow, Checked Both pc's (XP & WIn with both Chrome & IE. My downloads (from other sites) are at speed. Please Help as I Really Like and appreciate your site. On Dish-Net with Hardware Accel off usually, but nothings changed since it worked here. anywho Thanks again.
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