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  1. After clearing cookies it still does not work in chrome. I tried it in Firefox, there it works.
  2. Thanks for the quick resolution of this issue. Unfortunately, I now seem to be caught in an eventually ending test cycle where the window that loads the data keeps reapearing after uploading the specified custom amount. Test #1 of 25 → does not increase either, nor are the tests recorded. Eventually the cycle will be interrupted by an Error 101. (However, right now, it has gone over 14 repetitions after which I reset it.) Settings that encountered this error: Upload; Every 5/10/ Minutes; 25 times; 15/10MB Settings that did not encouter this error: Upload; Every 15 Minutes; 25 times
  3. The error message is: Something is wrong... The webmaster has been notified of this error. 0.072X and 0Z Server in NL Any settings where I specify a custom upload size (necessary because upload spike at the very beginning) returns some sort of error such as above. Any and all help is welcome Thanks.
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