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  1. Stick around,always somebody around to help you if you need it.
  2. It seems that my packetloss issues have been resolved.I do not know where or why yet as my ISP will not release any of their findings to me,that could be that they hate to admit that a customer was right all along.If any one of you are like me,you certainly don't like to be treated as if you're a "dummy" I was tired of the smoke and mirrors treatment and it did get quite frustrating to say the least.
  3. Although I'm familiar with various forums,each has their own unique "stash" of valuable information,I'll be sure to scout it out more next time.That will not guarantee that I'll get to everything before I make another mistake.... Please sign here_______________________
  4. Well,had another tech in today.We swapped out some cables,checked for corrosion on some of the lines in the building (found very little) and he ran more tests,changed a wall plug/jack and still could not resolve the problem.From the C/O up the road he changed a few things (more cables and switched the ports) As of right now I'm still without a solution and "tech support" is no help at all.We're now thinking the problem lays further from me and further from the C/O leading to it...we shall see.
  5. Thanks PGoodwin1, Yeah that was a large part of the many conversations I had with them so far.Right now I have it narrowed down to their hardware,where is another issue altogether.I have had them test the lines from within the building,from their end and I have swapped out the modem,network card and cables.The C/O is only about 1.5km up the road from me,so it could be there that the problem starts.I'm at the point with this that I'm about to drop them as a service provider,we spend about $200 plus per month (Home phone,internet and 2 cell phones) their lack of customer service it almost putrid
  6. Thank you guys.I look forward to contributing as much as I can to the site as time passes.
  7. Hello From East coast Canada,look forward to getting help and helping when I can.
  8. For the past two weeks I have been experiencing major packet loss,after many frustrating calls/online chats with Aliants less than helpful tech support I have taken it upon myself to find out "where" the issues have been happening. I use a small but simple program to test my connection/traces called Pingplotter,it shows all of the relevant hops to a server I frequently game on,but the packet loss seems to be happening locally but degrades the entire connection to the server,so I have limited the hops to just 4 including my modem:1=modem 2=loop0.69w.ba13.hlfx.ns.aliant.net 3=te-0-1-0-0-82.cr01.hlfx.ns.aliant.net 4=be5.bx01.nycm.ny.aliant.net I'm getting anywheres from 10 percent up to 100 percent packet loss at a time. Hoping to be able to somehow upload a few screenshots here.
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