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    NismoHero got a reaction from CA3LE in Wow, My speedtest problems have been solved   
    I have Verizon Fios 75 down and 35 up.  I have been doing speedtests since I have gotten my upgraded service.  I live in VA and been having alot of speedtests flucuations just from the DC server.  Only a third of the time I get the speed I should be getting which is 88 down from DC.  When I speedtest to texas I get about 35 and to the west servers I get about 15 down.  I dont even want to try the overseas servers.   I just found this link on the web today to improve network performance.  I followed all his steps and then went back on testmy.net and tried the same servers I have been trying before.  Now I get 88 down from every server in the US.  I went and tried the amsterdamn server just to see if it isn't a fluke and I got 50 down from amersterdam.  Here is the link if anyone else is having issues with testmy.net not even coming close to what your paying for.  
    *note* I didn't adjust the jumbo packet option because I didn't have that option on my desktop or laptop NIC.  I just adjusted the other two options. 
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    NismoHero got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in Weird speeds here   
    Well I have muked around with so much things that I finally fixed it.  I went and seatched internet optimzers and finally came across one that worked.  I had went to Speedguide.net and got their tcp optimizer. I ran the stand alone program and it had my current settings brought up.  It had my download speed capped at 20mpbs.  No wonder I was only getting those speeds on here.  I changed the speed up to 50mpbs and now I am getting full speeds at the washington dc server.  Wow thanks for the suggestions  guys.  If anyone has a similar problem like me direct them to https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php. 
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