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  1. This topic has been moved to Politics & More. [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=24470.0[/iurl]
  2. Ok for the first part. To view hidden files on your PC..open up any of your folders..for example "My Documents. Then click on Tools --> Folder Options --> View --> Show Hidden Files and Folders. Now the best way to remove any malware/virus,etc...is to reboot your machine and go into Safe Mode..and from there run your anti-virus
  3. Happy birthday to the both of you......have lots of fun :wink: ..................................
  4. And mine was simple but great!!! :grin2: All that counts is that I had a great time
  5. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!! :icon_jokercolor: :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumright: :occasion14:
  6. :haha: Non the less..great job on it..even with that damn pen too
  7. Did you get the idea from that Coldplay Apple commercial?
  8. Nice!!! You got that from deviant art? :grin2:
  9. I will do this after this problem gets resolved..thank you..I didn't know that existed
  10. Ok will do...thanks everyone
  11. As Im typing,the laptop reboot by itself..and now on the bottom right hand write Evaluation version By the way..under system properties it says its activated still and shows its Vista version 6001 service pack 1
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