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  1. Update: Alright, I think everything is cool. He said his wife will be in the states for a month and if I'd send it to her. He already sent payment under a confirmed address too.
  2. -Dlewis Next time I'll definitley be looking for the "buyer requirments" section. I've never shipped anything internationally, and I don't feel like starting now (maybe Canada). He hasn't payed yet, and I've already emailed them letting them know the terms. How did you go about ebay with your IBM?
  3. Yah, I'm basically ranting here. It clearly states only US; why did he buy it??? Anyways, I just emailed him saying basically he's got to pick up the tab. I don't understand why he was even able to buy it, ebay knows he is in Sweden; and they know I only want to ship to USA. Bah!
  4. Alright, so I'm trying to sell my old router on ebay using 'buy it now'. I set my shipping to a flat rate of $10, and left it defaulted to only ship to USA. Well I check it out and someone bought it living in Sweden. I don't think my $10 set aside for shipping is going to cover that; and now if I want to relist it ebay is going to smack me with fees. Anybody had this same experience? Here's my item: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5863015316&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESO%3AIT&rd=1
  5. Orlando, FL Got Adelphia $24.99 for 3 months, then $42.95 a month for 4000/384. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 4553 Kbps about 4.6 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Download Speed is:: 556 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (server2) Test Time:: Tue Jan 17 2006 22:21:41 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 81X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.84 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 35.02 % faster than the average for host (adelphia.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-YPD9G5JMS :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 453 Kbps about 0
  6. How do I get rid of these little buggers, as you can see etrust was nice enough to find them for me but didn't clean them.
  7. I don't think it likes my HD space, got a new vid card in. woot! http://gameadvisor.futuremark.com/gameadvisor/service/my_system.jsp?sysInfoId=2611273
  8. I just got a soundblaster live! 5.1 sound card, and was just wondering if it's possible to get this to hook up to my front audio ports on my case. Would I hook the wires up directly to the sound card, or to the motherboard somewhere? Thanks http://www.baber.com/baber/sound/soundblaster_live.htm
  9. Horse Crap! It's all doing the same thing. Slow!
  10. I just tried the beta version and it has the same results. I'm now going to try the 3rd one down.
  11. More like the one on this link with the black face and antenna. http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/WGT624.asp Think I can go back a firmware?
  12. Tracing route to www.testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 69-165-138-186.miamfl.adelphia.net [] 2 9 ms * * 3 18 ms 12 ms 9 ms 4 11 ms 21 ms 11 ms 5 24 ms 22 ms 23 ms 6 24 ms 20 ms 20 ms unk-426d0ef9.adelphiacom.net [] 7 41 ms 22 ms 18 ms a1-00-00-00.c0.mia95.adelphiacom.net [] 8 * 49 ms 48 ms p3-00-01-00.c0.dfw91.adelphiacom.net []
  13. Tracing route to www.l.google.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 69-165-138-186.miamfl.adelphia.net [] 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 11 ms 11 ms 14 ms 4 10 ms 24 ms 11 ms 5 19 ms 20 ms 27 ms 6 18 ms 28 ms 22 ms unk-426d0ef9.adelphiacom.net [] 7 19 ms 21 ms 17 ms a1-00-00-00.c1.mia95.adelphiacom.net [] 8 44 ms 51 ms 43 ms so-01-01-00.c1.dca91.adelphiacom.net [6
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