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  1. Pitstop results: Download speed: 2461 kilobits per second Test details: 1204 kilobytes downloaded in 3.915 seconds. Receive buffer size: 307824 KB
  2. Tried it again on Verizon's site..... now remember, I'm using the wireless (off a Linksys B Router).... Your Speed : 3.3 Mb/s Package size: 9MB | Download time: 21.2 seconds sec
  3. But which one do you use??? There are several to choose.
  4. Results from Verizon's SpeedCheck....(not sure if this is their only one or the best one to use??)
  5. For comparison purposes (now that I am using the wireless service---at my kitchen table vs. office with wired connection) WIRELESS: Download speed: 2451 kilobits per second Test details: 3354 kilobytes downloaded in 10.946 seconds. Receive buffer size: 307824 KB Upload speed: 1267 kilobits per second
  6. Thank you, thank you! I was tyring to use the Download and Upload Test from the links above, but everything looks a bit odd.....
  7. This is the wired results; FiOS service, Up to 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (maximum connection speed) (I'm not sure how to quantify the PitStop results vs. the potential in the service I've subscribed!)
  8. I went to PitStop, http://www.pcpitstop.com/internet/default.asp,
  9. Let's see if I understand this correctly - The FiOS cable is plugged into the wireless (Linksys and then the second blue cable goes into the laptop replicator, which might be slower than using a 'G' router, right?
  10. Spoke with Verizon today and the helpful tech had me completely remove the D-Link and use just the wireless Linksys......
  11. It is hard to describe to get an accurate picture.... Wired part:
  12. I wonder why Verizon would bother to supply the D-Link (DI-604) then, if it wasn't needed....? All this boggles my pea brain.... thank you for your help!
  13. It would SEEM using the Linksys router (BEFW11S4 vers4) would work with the D-Link (provided by Verizon, #DI-604) and the FiOS service.
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