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  1. goblin24

    dvd burning??

    hi, just wanted to know what people were using for burning dvd movies right now?? name and version.. and same thing for dvd decrypter... thxs!! whats working best right now?? and where can i find it??
  2. HEy thxs a lot.. will try.. do you know if it matters when its comes to cable tv?? if so wha should i use?? and what does db stand for??
  3. thxs for the reply.. will try but i wanted to know if anyone had a more specific answer to my question though..
  4. hi, i'm writing because i have comcast cable internet and the cable that goes into my modem comes from a splitter. The splitter has several outputs and some of them are 3.5db, 4db, and 7db. My question is what is the difference between thesen and which should be used for my cable internet and cable tv?? thxs
  5. thxs!! well i purchased a 4db cause thats all they have.. thxs anyways.. one last question does it affect cable tv at all???? (wether u use 4 db or 7 db)??
  6. when i use a spliter on my cable connection does it matter what db the output says,, for example i noticed some say like 7.4 db or 4 db.. So my question is does the output i use affect my cable speed and if so what is the best db to use for my internet and for cable tv??? thxs again!!!
  7. hey compuworm... i have comcast and im not sure if my caps are 4.0/384 or 6.0/384.. thi ng is i had trhe 6.0 before wilma but once wilma passed by and our cable got restored i think they put me on the 4.0 tier... on avergage i'm getting like 66 percent of my promised speed and thats on your test on testmy.net..... i dont wanna get rid of the router cause i want tro be online wireless.. and i am running cablenut and vanbroun settings for 4.0/384.. thxs
  8. i recently purchased a laptop but sold my desktop.. i'm able to connect to the internet through the modem and router that i had previously purchased but i kept the same settings as if i still had my desktop connected to my router... anyways my question is, is this the correct way to connect to the internet when u only have a modem, router, and laptop,...... remember i no longer have a desktop and no longer have the need for a network to share files on... My other question is what tweeks should i do to make my connection faster.. on average i get around 3.1 or 3.3 on your test when i think i should at least be getting the 4.0.. what settings should i change on my laptop? just incase ur wondering i live in miami fl and have comcast as my internet provder.. thxs for the help!!
  9. thxs guys... it was the firewall.. have it all working now.. thxs again.. u guys are the best!!
  10. i followed the steps and i think it didn't work.. I got all the way to the end of wizard clicked finished and then rebooted both computers.. when i reopened my network places i see no files or computers... and when i click on view network computers i see nothing as well.... any ideas please help... should i run set up wireless network instead?? whats the difference?? thxs again..
  11. thxs for the help.. i was just wondering what the speeds for usb to usb were?? and how can i set up a lan between my laptop and desktop to send information to each?? and how fast would the transfer rate be??? i have a router and do have my laptop setup for wireless internet inside my house... thxs again for the help..
  12. hey guys just wondering whats the best way to transfer data from my laptop to desktop?? should i use a usb to usb cable or something else?/ maybe usb to firewire?? please help.. thxs
  13. yes i have sp2 installed and i have tried updates.. didn't work.. dont have the original disk that came wit hthe computer.. Im sre that if i just knew what hardware the computer needed the driver for it would be easy to find.. I just need to know what the hardware is?? i guess it sounds easier than what it really is.. thxs anyways
  14. well tried to uninstall it and then restart.. as soon as i restarted windows noticed the hardware and it poped back up.. so that didn't work.. please help.. it has to be something..
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