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  1. Can anyone out there tell me how to bridge on Xbox live (halo 2). In all honesty I'm tired of being modded and having standby used on me. I wish to learn to bridge in the pursuit of legit games. I don't want to always have host or cheat to win .... I'll take a loss happily if it is legitimate. I just need the ability to play FAIR games. If anyone can help me on this subject please reply.....
  2. Alright, for all you tech wizards out there what is the better service, FiOS or Adelphia Extreme. In a hypothetical sense of course, because i know that most people wouldn't have both. But I already have aldelphia premier and I'm waiting for Extreme to hit my area (PA). But I won't even waste my time with it if FiOS is truly the better service. I'll just switch ISPs cause all I'm looking for is the bang for my buck.
  3. well guys i think i finally might be getting my connection fixed. Adelphia, after nemeruous calls, has finally agreed to come to my house (free of charge) and fix my upload power settings. When I initially started this post compuworm told me to check out my modem power levels and my upload power was significantly higher than it should have been. So after about 3 more phone calls to their technical support they're finally sending someone out to fix the power levels. They're coming thursday. I'll keep you posted to let you know if this helps. If not i guess it's back to the drawing board but i got my fingers crossed... Thanks everyone for all the advice... and if adelphia's solution falls through i'll be sure to try the rest of your ideas for trouble shooting. Thanks again, Chris
  4. No, when my connection drops into red everyone else will still be in green connections. Also whenever I get host around the same time I'm expecting my connection to drop instead of it just being me that drops to red everyone does. Which means I'm causing everyone else to lag, right? Also, this is all new to me up until 2-3 weeks ago it never happened. I mean I'd get laggy games but never such a consistent drop in speeds and I even notice it when I'm downloading stuff too. It's at a good speed at first then it'll slow to a crawl and then I'll either lag out or my connection will speed back up.
  5. Alright guys I'd like to try all of this but i don't really know what you guys are saying. I'm going to need some more um... basic instructions on how to go about checking my modem and pinging sites. Sorry if that sounded lame but in all honesty I'm not quite the tech wizard...
  6. Well basically i was running a router but i noticed that it slowed my speed so i removed it from the equation. Now i just run the modem directly into the back of the Xbox. Umm i don't really know what else i can put , the xbox is standard with no modifications of any sort. I even upgraded the service from adelphia's basic to their premier service, which boasts download speeds up to 6 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 768 Kbps. I upgraded the speed after i noticed the connection kept dropping but the change didn't help at all and to be honest before 2 weeks ago the connection was better with basic than it is now. I can't really trace the problem back to any specific event. Just out of the blue my connection went from couldn't be any better to wow is it time to get a new provider. I've called adelphia as i said before and all they could tell me was "Everything seems to be running fine from here!!" Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the fast response... -Chris
  7. alright, I hope someone can help me out with this one. I currently receive Adelphia Cable internet. I first got it in May. For the most part everything was alright . Ummmm not too much lag maybe 1 out of 10 games some lag. But over the past to weeks I can't seem to escape it. I won't just lag though my connection will just drop. From green (YAY) to red (What the Fu*k is going on)in under one second. I've called adelphia numerous times but no one can seem to answer my questions or even detect a problem at all. So here i am stuck with some jacked internet and no help anywhere in sight. Sooooo... any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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