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  1. TriRan, Sorry my reply was from my mobile too. (Gets better speeds than my aDSL!) Is there an equivalent modem that uses this same technology for channel bonding for DSL? I'm looking now at a spec sheet now for a cable modem, I may find an equivalent on my own since you have pointed me in this direction. I am under the assumption that my current modem is in good working order since it came from Windstream. (It is a Sagemcom [email protected] 1704...which kind of stinks because of the lack of settings I can change.) The channel hopping makes since however. Your comment made my WAN class start flood
  2. I've been taking the practice cissp exams through skill soft....and I've not done so bad. Its just the years of experience required to carry the cert I'd be lacking. 5 years but they remove a year for having a degree in IS.
  3. I am fairly certain that the problem lies in a sheer lack of bandwidth. Would the modem help much or are we talking only slight improvements?
  4. Hello all, I currently subscribe to Windstream Communications for my aDSL service. My aDSL speeds are supposed to be 6Mbps/768kbps . I know that I will rarely see my speeds exactly on the nose for those numbers, I've seen my speeds fluctuate all of the time. My upload speed is pretty consistent, but my download speed is...bad. I've had no problems with Windstream for several years, they have always been pretty reliable with only seeing downtimes when they have scheduled maintenance. Last year in June I started having sporadic download speeds (happy birthday to me). I have been told sev
  5. Hello community, I am Daniel, I recently joined because I use the test on this site to attempt to resolve what I assume are bandwidth problems that my ISP does not seem to care to fix. I am a BSIT major with a focus on information systems security, I have about seven more classes before I am done with the degree. I will be moving into a Master's program soon and hopefully getting a few certifications in between, Security+ and Network+ for starters. Later I plan on doing the entry level Cisco certification and after getting 4 years of experience, CISSP.
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