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  1. You know I always wondered what the up/download speeds were from my XBox since I'm running wirelessly (not by choice). Well when M$ put a IE app on the XBox I was happy. So I found two HTML5 speed testers. testmy.net and speedof.me. I did the test then to my surprise got a 1.5 MB download and a 2.7 MB upload results (average). I was surprised because I pay for 25 MB down and 20 MB up. So I decided to do the same test from my wireless laptop in the same room in the same spot my XBox is placed. I got 23 MB down and 19 MB up (on average). This test is from CA to a server in TX. So why the big difference in speeds??? while I also know ping is a major factor when it comes to game play, streaming video does not rely mostly on ping, its all about bandwidth. So I ask... does anybody know why the XBox speeds are so slow??? BTW before people ask; the XBox has a port opened (port forward) by itself. All games show my port as "open". Also I don't see a ping result, am I overlooking something?
  2. First I wanted to say hi! cool site. But I have a question, why don't I see a ping test? Or did I over look it?
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