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  1. Looks like we are getting a new switch early next week. Will see if that solves the problem. Will post an update once it's all installed.
  2. Hi again, Okay so I ran the tests using each mirror site as a default and selecting 25MB as the download file. Here are the results: Central US >> Dallas, TX USA 1.2 Mbps East Coast US >> Washington, D.C. 4.9 Mbps North West Coast US >> Seattle, WA USA 2.3 Mbps South West Coast US >> San Jose, CA USA 1.7 Mbps Northern Europe >> Amsterdam, NL 2.3 Mbps South Asia >> Singapore, SG 1.5 Mbps Based on CA3LE's original reply, this would seem to suggest the problem is "closer to home". I'm going to see if I can jack the FIOS Cat 5 rig
  3. Thanks for the excellent, detailed response CA3LE. I'll get to work on these tests. The one thing I don't know that I can do is taking the router out of the equation. (I'm assuming you're talking about the switch we have here?) Here's how we are set up, roughly: Verizon termination point ---------> Cisco Security appliance --------> Linksys 48 port switch -----------> PCs (via ethernet) The rest of it I think I can do though.
  4. We are using Verizon's business service and the difference between their multi-threaded, OOKLA tool's results and TM.net's is outrageous. I'm trying to get my head around why they would be so different. I even used TM.net's multithreaded test just to try and get apples-apples somehow. (The single-threaded TM.net results were 2.9 MB/sec!!). Multithreaded Verizon: 80-94 mb/sec TM.net: 14.1 mb/sec Download of file is at about 86-100 KB (!) per sec. What gives here? I have to believe that if Verizon were just out-right lying that someone would have smoked that out of them somehow by
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