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  1. For those who shared my problem with MAC address filtering in a thread on this board I'm glad to repoort that it works great and all of the firmware is much quicker, better, etc. on hardware version C. Tech support confirmed that hardware version A of this product would not MAC address filter but they sent me version C that will. Since I was setting up a new router I went with some suggestions that a wireless network security article that Swimmer linked to made and: 1 Stopped broadcasting my SSID 2 Used WPA-PSK encryption 3 Set a MAC address filter and it all worked great with my $20 DLink router. Thanks.
  2. I made my own with all of the sites that I go to a lot, weather radar and a few photos to album links. http://goldwingusa.com
  3. dn0 I don't think that you need the box to swap it you can probalbly just put it back into there package. That's what I plan on doing.
  4. The DI524 has a 3 year warranty and they know that it does not work in hardware version A. I think that I got lucky in that I mentioned that it was a thread on more than one computer forum, anyway they stepped right up. I was in a Circuit City today and they had stacks of them and they were all hardware version C. If you are within the normal return period you can just bring it back to the store and swap it as defective and get a B or C. I called them and they gave me an RMA number and a website address. I went to the website and filled in all of the blanks and chose the option to credit my visa card if I did not send the defective unit back within 30 days. That way I wont be without one. Pretty good system. I hope that it all works out.
  5. What I did was to email them in regard to my mac address filter questions for which I had a tech support case number. Then I got an email the next day from a guy who left me his phone number and said call him or email him. I was off of the phone in 5 minutes, off of the support site in 10. If it is still new enough to return to the store the web site recomends it so the stores must have B and C hardware, but I would check. I don't know about splattering this guys phone number all over the web but if you pm me I will hook you up. Bob
  6. I emailed Dlink and mentioned this thread and my problem with the mac filter and I got a response with a phone number. Called this guy up and he told me that mac filtering does not work on hardware version A1 but has been corrected on hardware versions B and C and now works. It was great to get a phone number and to hear someone say "we screwed up we will send you one that works", and to know that it wasn't me. So if you have hardware version A, don't expect it to mac filter. I'll go back to lurking now but I am sure glad this board is here.
  7. I had the same problem with mac address filter on the 524. I have a Dell PC and imac on wire and a Dell 600m and an ibook wireless. The wired machines work fine filtered but when I add either laptop to the mac address allow list everything but one wired desktop is locked out. Dlink support acts like they have never heard of this before so I jumped through the normal hoops trying to get it to work only to find out from a friend with the same unit that I am not alone. Mac address filter does not work on the 524 with fw 1.05 or 1.11.
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