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  1. The Y axis on the results graph is labelled in Mb/s which is useful, however the X axis which shows time is not. It is not clear if the X position is proportional to time or if each data point is shown with the same interval, as the axis is not labelled.


    It would be really useful to have at least grid lines for each day (or 12/6 hour chunk of) and some kind of marker for when there is a discontinuity in measurements.



    Hope this is useful :)

  2. I have a problem with my internet connection where it gets very bad from about 4-8pm till sometime the next morning, I am trying to pin down when and what is causing it and this site is very useful for that, there is nothing like it on the web.


    However during the time when the connection is bad the test slows down so much, from about 5Mb to less than 100kb sometimes, that it takes so long to complete the download test that the next scheduled test is missed. It may be also that my browser backs off so much that it never completes for some reason (maybe dropped packets or something).


    I have tried resetting the test but sometimes this cancels the next scheduled test and it does not continue with automatic testing.


    Is there a way to have a timeout set so that the test reports ~0kb and resets so that the next try can detect when the connection starts working again?

    Richard90 Speed Test Results.pdf

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