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    richard90 reacted to CA3LE in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    Thanks for visiting Richard, I'm glad you like the site.  It's my labor of love.
    This has been suggested a couple times, not exactly how you're talking about but similar.  For some people their connection craps out and causes the test to end completely.  I'll address this and your issue in my next version of the automatic speed test.
    What I'll probably do to fix your issue is have it where if it's taking too long... it will either end the test and calculate based on the data it gathered already... or have you forwarded to a smaller size to hopefully get you to complete the test in a timely fashion.
    What you can do right now that may resolve this is to uncheck 'express' this way the test will start at a lower value each time and adjust to what's happening at the time the test is taken.  Let me know if that helps.
    .. tell your friends if you really like TestMy.net, this is word-of-mouth.
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    richard90 reacted to CA3LE in Time axis labels on results graph   
    I totally agree with you.  I've been wanting to do that for a long time but there are so many areas to this site it can be hard to pull myself from more critical areas to get to it.
    When I first designed the graphing system... well, first there were not graphs.  It was just the list data you see below the graph.  When I built on the graphing I pretty much threw it together to suit my purpose... I wanted the X-Axis to have data but annoyingly the two datasets won't match because the time is different.
    All it's going to take is some of my time to sit down and research and play around to get multi-xaxis into one graph.  Right now, if I turn it on it will graph one or the other.  Either the upload times or download times.  Because the tests can be taken independently of each other and the time is variable we run into an issue.  ... it's technically possible but I have to take the time.  It's definitely on my to-do-list.
    For now, you can filter by test type...

    ... once you've displaying only one test type and you hover over you'll see the time in the details.

    I appreciate the suggestions.. keep them coming!  Even if they've already been suggested... the more I hear something, the more likely it will be prioritized.
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    richard90 got a reaction from CA3LE in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    I have a problem with my internet connection where it gets very bad from about 4-8pm till sometime the next morning, I am trying to pin down when and what is causing it and this site is very useful for that, there is nothing like it on the web.
    However during the time when the connection is bad the test slows down so much, from about 5Mb to less than 100kb sometimes, that it takes so long to complete the download test that the next scheduled test is missed. It may be also that my browser backs off so much that it never completes for some reason (maybe dropped packets or something).
    I have tried resetting the test but sometimes this cancels the next scheduled test and it does not continue with automatic testing.
    Is there a way to have a timeout set so that the test reports ~0kb and resets so that the next try can detect when the connection starts working again?
    Richard90 Speed Test Results.pdf
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