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  1. This is the only pic I can find now, but the car is very dirty and not a good pic.... Microwave
  2. Yeah I have had a problem 4 awhile but its a routing issue and not TESTMY.NET...... Microwave
  3. I remember gas at 19 cents a gallon that I pumped at my Dad's "service station" we also cleaned the windows checked the oil and air in the tires.....no body hardly ever got 5 buck worth. I think ppl were making about $1.00 an hour....... A hundred bucks a week was big money........ the only thing that doesn't change is change....... I remember my Grandmother saying one time"OMG a loaf of bread cost a dollar ..... I remember when It cost a dime"......it pissed my Dad off and he said " the difference is Ma when it cost a dime 4a loaf of bread you couldn't
  4. You wont be able to see it.... Microwave
  5. Hey AWG, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out you do your work by hand (read it in a post by "D") for me this makes your work 10 times better because its done the old fashioned way, either way as I have said b4 I really enjoy your work and just visited your site to see some very well done portraits.....once again great stuff and thanks for sharing it with "us" and especially an artistically challenged person like myself..... Microwave
  6. This topic has been moved to Archives. [iurl]https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=3350.0[/iurl]
  7. L0L nice dance....hmmm wonder what he was high on? Now the samurai stooge was even better..... I hope he wasn't hurt to bad but, what an idiot... I remember Mommy telling me not to play with knifes....L0L Microwave
  8. Thats the problem its not very hard to do, and there are even sites and pgms that tell ppl how to do this... hmmmm the price of "free" speech...... The problem with monitoring is who will monitor the monitors and, what power do we give them...??? Microwave
  9. I'm sure you can set it low and be OK, as you know V.M. takes what it needs anyway, my friend thinks if you delete your P.F. on shutdown it doesnt make much difference what its set at (window chooses) and it does make sense to me but I haven't tried it his way..... let us know what you do and how it works OK ?... Microwave
  10. What a surprise.....call me paranoid but I dont like or use any of that B.S... Its not that I have anything to hide its just that a log file is kept by most I.M. formats and it pisses me off so I dont use em, I suppose someday I may have 2 but have been able to get by so far without.......O.K. waiting to get blasted....L0L Microwave
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