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  1. I seed Torrent 24/7. Most of the time there is little going on, but every so often someone has a decent connection.
  2. I may not have a 1Gb connection, but I have a *dedicated 100Mb connection that I don't have to share with my neighbors and my ping is better. Almost spring! /knock on wood In other words, I'm kind of jelly. You getting that 10Gb service for $400/month? *Not truly dedicated, but the ISP provisions bandwidth such that all customers can run at 100% at the same time without overloading the GPON port. My fiber is actually dedicated all the way back to the CO. They use a flat network design, 1 hop for me to get to Level 3. Now I just need to figure out how to get testmy.net
  3. It's been a while since I've last posted here. Hello! My issue seems to be that I get quite the difference between Chrome and Firefox. IE just doesn't work for the upload test, not that I care to figure out why. I know my connection is good, dedicated bandwidth to Level 3 via my ISP, but my results do not reflect that. I assume it's something to do with my browsers or OS or an interaction of the two. Here are the two patterns that I am seeing 1) Download test. Starts off strong, but then around 80%, no matter the test size, it tapers off from about 90Mb/s down to about 10Mb/s.
  4. Here's the front of one of my new TV boxes Here's the back. Notice the RJ45 input Here's my new network in the basement. The thin cable going into the ONT at the bottom is the fiber and the thicker cable right next to it is the power coming from the UPS. The top most port on the ONT is the Internet VLAN and the second port is the TV VLAN. You can see that the installer plugged a secondary switch into the TV port, then ran two cables from that switch and punched it into the patch panel. From there, the two TV ports run directly to the set-top boxes. The extra switch is o
  5. FreeBSD? Linux? I recommend FreeBSD+ZFS for a server primarily used for storage, but find out what you need it to do before you decide which Os to install. Have fun. I want a server to, need more $$$, but debt first.
  6. ROFL.. I'm a scrub... Long story short, I was playing with my TCP settings a long while back and forgot to set them back. The reason I was playing with them is I could download 50mb/s from the Internet, but transferring a file across my 1gb network was only about 1mb/s.. not bytes.. bits. Something with Window's default TCP settings was not playing nice. A quick change and I was up over 110MB/s or near 980mb/s. BTW, 33MB upload sizes does not seem to be enough for me to get a good consistent speed. It takes a second for my speed to ramp up the TCP send window, but at 4.8MB/s average, th
  7. Netgreat 3700 Calix ONT that works as a transparent Ethernet bridge. It's about the size of a 5 port desktop switch. The mounting was done by my ISP. If I had the TV package, they would just give me a set-top device that uses the network cables. They don't use COAX anymore, they do IPTV.
  8. Upload issue has been fixed: https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/31239-upload-inaccuracy-fix/ My upload and download speed tests are now showing about the same. Still lower than my line rate, but stable and match what my network graph shows. I love this aspect, "other" speed tests I have seen my network graph showing 20mb-30mb, and the speed result listing 60mb.
  9. 33MB upload against Dal seems to be spot on with my bandwidth graph now. Thanks
  10. I know this is a bit late, but this is the first time I have heard of a story like this. Glad to hear everything seems well now.
  11. bgp.he.net/ does not show a peers tab for my ISP. It does show it for many other ISPs. For the Berkeley test, I got all green except my computer is 5 seconds slow and my router may have some vulnerability. I really want that Netgear Nighthawk. I get almost my full 50mb/s from YouTube during peak hours, and that is not from a local CDN, but from Google in another state. As for blocked ports and other things, my ISP proudly advertises that they do not block any ports, except 25 but removable upon request, do no traffic shaping, and no QoS. All traffic is best effort, even their
  12. In Wisconsin many Schools can purchase 1gb/1gb dedicated fiber connections for $300/month from a non-profit co-op. The bandwidth is purchased whole-sale from the state uni at cost. Since the state uni purchases bandwidth increments of 100gb, it's not much of an issue to get cheap bandwidth. Doing trace routes via looking glass servers, they have many trunk lines. One line going from Madison to Chicago Level 3, Another from Madison to Chicago AT&T, another from Madison to Chicago Hurricane Electric, another going from Madison to an IX in Chicago, from Madison to different IX in Chicago,
  13. In theory, no, in practice, yes. People remember bad experiences very well. If I have even one experience of congestion in the period of a month, I am going to remember it and complain about how I need more bandwidth. Rule of thumb, if you are inconvenienced for any reason because of lack of bandwidth, you don't have enough. Just wait until you have several computers on your network that all attempt to download a 1GB Team Fortress patch at the same time, while you're in the middle of <insert something important that is latency sensitive>
  14. My bill is exactly $94.94 and has not ever changed. 50/50, but the below is only me downloading. I can also get all the /29 static IPs I want for $10/month/block. I was also told that I have "dedicated" bandwidth. I ask, "dedicated like how DSL is 'dedicated'?", they replied (paraphrased from memory) "No, you don't share bandwidth to our trunk. We do not over-subscribe our network up to the trunk" I'm not expecting an enterprise SLA to back up their definition of "dedicated", but they're doing a great job. My fiber line has had 24/7 uptime with no packet loss on my line for the past 6+ mon
  15. I have a 50/50 connection, and I seem to be getting low speeds with all speed tests. All of these tools and FAQ info seems to be worded quite well, so it seems that the makers of testmy.net know what they're talking about. Anyway, here's my tracert to the dal server Tracing route to testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 <1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 66.x.x.1 3 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms x.x.x [x.x.x.x] 4 11 ms 12 ms 12 ms te-9-4.car4.Chicago1.Level3.net [] 5 13 ms 13 ms 11 ms
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