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    george4850 got a reaction from sunil2000 in Upload speed 1kbs   
    My upload speed should be 2Mbs, but reads 1/2000 of that speed.
    Using a SB6121 modem on Time Warner.
    Other services show me at  20/2 speed as did TESTMY untill recently.
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    george4850 got a reaction from CA3LE in Love WWW site   
    I sometimes get upload speeds of 1 kbs  instead of 2,000 kbs
    Downloads with my TW  DOCSIS  3.0 SB6121  come out at 20 Mbs.
    The Flash sites show my upload at over 2 Mbs.
    Also this site on MSIE and Chrome give me good readings.
    My bad reading are just on my favorite Firefox.
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