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  1. When the guy came to install mine i already had one layin around, and he diddnt even connect my coax to the darn surge protector = / And on top of that he wanted to charge me extra to install my dish on the second floor of my house.. he wanted to install it like 10 ft off the ground.. so i got up on the ladder and installed my own dish, just let him point it.. haha
  2. Thats pretty good... Nothing better then dating Rich Sexy Singles and Their Friends ^^
  3. Rev belives that signal has nothing to do with your speed.. but im not really educated enough on the matter to make a decision for my self, but i can see where he's coming from.
  4. ROFL! Cry me a river hahahaha... 100kbps.. yeah.. i think i peaked 6 today.. haha Wiz^
  5. Well.. Welcome to the forums... Direcway speeds are not impressive.. as you can see, but the TCPoptimizer can make a difference, try the post that "The Rev" made and follow that, i would reccomend using internet exp, usually best speeds are associated to that.. firefox is great but its just a fad.. Imho.. And the reason your downloads "Suck" is because direcway monitors your bandwith usage, and they "Fap" you also known as "Fair Acces Policy". head over to www.mydirecway.com and click "CHeck your usage" and u can see if you have been fapped.. usually when u drop to 4kbps.. thats being fapped =P also.. download getright.. or some other download manager.. since fapping runs on a 4 hour time, try to limit your download speeds or when it drops to 4kbps.. stop it and wait 4 hours = / Thats the best advice i can give you since i also had this problem, its hard from going to 3.0mbps cable to .5mbps satalite.. But.. im just glad i dont have to have dialup.. Hope i helped.. atleast a bit Wiz^
  6. Thanks for the reply again.. here i go =P I understand how direcway works, i can ping my system from non local machines, from several locations.. and i know its my machine because if the 900 ping =P I dont have a firewall and i do understand how VNC porting works.. BUT.. im using a "Mod" of VNC called TightVNC.. Very easy to use, ive tried the original WinVNC.. So i was used to using the -5920 and when i enter it. it gives me port 80.. so that is not the problem.. I am using a router on my system.. but i am routing the ports through it right to my IP, My network is as follows.. =P 1. DW6000 2. Linksys 5 port router ---- into my pc 3. D-Link wireless router with DHCP DIsabled.. (expencive wireless switch) Im still trying to figure this out because it would be a nice feature to have incase i need to access my pc remotely.. Thanks for your help brad.. i appriciate it.. But i still think that Dway disables external ports.. i mean.. hell... they dont even let us download over 200 megs =P I wouldnt doubt that they block webserver ports.. Thanks! Wiz^
  7. Thanks for the reply, i have opened many common ports on VNC and tested.. so far none of them work.. Ive even tried ports that people use on every day basis.. its pretty weird..
  8. Hey, im sure this question will be pretty easy for Rev =P but how can i allow ports to be open through the DW6000? For fun i tried to set up a VNC Server on my machine, for emergency use and whatnot.. but when i tried to use it i was not allowed through.. and i even tried many common ports.. i.e 80, 21, 81... stuff like that =P Does anyone know if i can open ports on the modem? or are they open and something was not working right? Thanks in advance! Wiz^
  9. Im gonna try using GetRight, but this fap is kinda stupid if u ask me.. im paying 100 bucks a month and i cant even download a full file.. its a legit download too, not like im downloading torrents or anything.. I think their FAP policy is pretty dumb.. God i cant wait until my area "Surbanizes" so that i can get some decent internet.. yar! thanks for the help guys, ill try getright and let you know what happens, btw rev.. you the man of answers.. thanks alot guys.
  10. If i'm trying to download a 200 meg file.. i get fapped @ 186 megs.. how an i supposed to download a file of this size? its kinda stupid dont u think? dw6000 system
  11. Thanks one of the first things that i do when i install windows.. that and the message service.. bah msft!
  12. Alright, thanks for the help.. i probobly just go back to using my cisco router, the only reason i liked using ICS is that i perfer the connection going right into my pc.. Thanks for the help rev.. much appriciated.. keep up the good work =P
  13. BTW: thanks for the commands to put in IE, seems to run a bit smoother now.. never had LCCU installed..
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