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  1. i don't think it's really that big of a deal, i mean - how many trackers are flagged private comparatively speaking?  and the article did say that the flag is not honored by BC only when the tracker has been unavailable for a certain amount of time - and that is what DHT is for, right?

    i'm sitll using BC and still happy - no problems at all so far.  i used Azureus before but it hogged to much CPU and the java was just a mess.  i actually like BC better.  those are the only two i've used so i don't know about others.

  2. i for one never got the purse thing

    i cary the whole world in my pockets

    digital camera, Wallet(by the way my wallet is an altoids box), my mp3 player tons of pens and pencils,my cologne and deroderant, a book or magazine for when i get bored and a game boy some plastic utensials( why i dont know im peranoid), tons of mints (2 altoids boxes without the one i made into a wallet and icebrackers), gum oh and a multi screwdriver plus my thumb drive

    See i can carry all that in my pockets

    so y do you guys need purses for?

    well, yeah, if you have cargo pants/shorts on.  lotsa pockets.

    i can carry a whole lotta stuff without using a purse also....i just have my husb carry it all in HIS pockets.

    honestly, i have never needed much of a purse - wallet, lipstick, cell phone, keys and i'm good to go.  of course, our wallets are always bigger than y'all's cause we have all of your money. ;)

  3. u shouldnt let being a women make you view yourself as "not as bright"...lol, in all truth, i think theres probably more bright women then there are men

    there's been some scientific evidence to support the way that men and women are intelligent in different ways. something to do with us (women) using both sides of the brain simultaneously while men can only use one side at a time.  gives a whole new meaning to 'one track mind'. ;)




  4. just a little below the waist please... :haha: screw the hugs :evil6:

    indeed that's how it would end up, i'm sure - if not how it's actually intended.

    what an idiotic premise.  sort of like the sense of smell via PC, didn't they have hype about that at some point in time?

    good luck to someone who's gonna try to strap a baby/toddler/young 'un into some contraption for a "hug" from the parent via computer.  STUUUUPID.

    why not just let the person doing the strapping in give a nice hug instead.  provided they're allowed.

    gawd i can't believe how stupid this is.

    give sight to the blind or sound to the deaf or cure cancer/aids, then i'm all for it -- otherwise enough with the money grubbing PC psuedo-technology.

  5. Thats just it they don't know where it came from and cant prove it since i have at least 400 of the original Cd's in my closet. They have to catch you on a file sharing server either downloading or uploading copyrighted material. So where are all the originals hmmm i lost them in hurricane Katrina anything flood fire lost over ten years you have to be caught in the act. They cant arrest everyone persons who's ip they find on a p2p site thats ridiculous.

    it's absurd...i remember waaaaay back when - we used to make cassettes for each other of all the "cool" music (cause it wasn't played on the radio).  you'd go to a party where someone had a bunch of good albums, or you'd meet a DJ at an "alternative night" who'd be nice, and you'd get cassettes made from your favorite albums.

    back then, bands like U2, REM, depeche mode, new order, alison moyet (yaz), front 242, sugarcubes, souxsie and the banshees, the smiths, etc etc etc et al. - you couldn't hear these on the radio in the 80's unless it was a college station.  or maybe a few alt stations like KROQ.

    all of us buying (often hard to find back then) records and trading music (or stealing it as it would have been called then,  just as it is today - only the record companies weren't as greedy or as in touch back then)  and all of us going out dancing at clubs and going to concerts created today's "alternative" industry for today's record companies by promoting underground (at that time) music.

    i've never purchased NOR dl'd an album/song by aerosmith, madonna, britney spears, back street boys, or whothehellisthat band with lars the mouth - see i can't even remember the band's name, and countless others. blechhh.

    never have, never will. ever. 

    i won't pay NOR take that tripe for free.

    OTOH, i find new bands all the time online who've shared their music with free mp3's and i just HAVE to have their music, so i buy the CDs. i'm sure you've all had similar experiences.  and a lot of the time it's some indy record label or the band selling off their website.  those bands i have no qualms spending money on.  i pay eagerly the $10 or so they charge for their shows. and the $10 or so they charge for their shirts.

    all i can say to the record companies today is WAAAAAH WAAAH WAAH.

    and -- oh yeah, tough shite.

  6. why not put the turkeys in a pasture someplace and send some needy children to disney?

    duh. moronic politicians and beauracratic hooplah.

    i saw a turkey recipe on TV that involved brining for 6 hours then stuffing it with a quartered lemon, orange and fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage) - then rub the outside with olive oil or butter and season with salt and pepper and orange/lemon zest (i guess you blend all those together and then rub) (me, i'd use chipotle powder and/or smoked paprika in there someplace.  and beer!) 

    not sure about the details, i wasn't paying that close attention because i never have to cook turkey any more - T-day is always at my inlaw's house.  :haha: 

    here's some good info:  (brining instructions on this site also)


    i like to take things that sound the best from different recipes and combine them to make my own creation - although i guess T-day isn't really the right time to experiment  ;)

    this site has lots of recipes and leftover ideas also - the first stuffing recipe sounds delish but i don't like stuffing to be cooked inside the turkey.


    hope it all works out for you, i'd definitely try the brining step if i were cooking one this year!

  7. You know Comcast requires you to have MSIE to download the free Antivirus software.  I have FF and will never go back to MSIE crap.  So why isnt Comcast allowing FF to be used for the download this is so f***ing annoying.



    just use ME for the DL, then go back to FF. 

    you can't beat $120 worth of mcafee software, swallow your hatred and use the evil beast!  :)

    i have to use ME occasionally, but not often.

  8. i just found out about this offer of comcast's yesterday when i was searching around for parental controls for my son's PC (he's been hitting google lately after watching me use it a couple of times - google has some fun listings as i'm sure y'all have noticed - beastiality came up recently when i was searching for "kids laptop").

    i wanted to be able to limit his use to just the websites that i have in his bookmarks.

    i loaded the virus scan on mine and the parental control one (privacy one) on his. 

    lo and behold, with the privacy one - when you "block ads" alot of the little web game sites won't load at all ! sneaky snarky bast-ahds.

    so i have to allow ads (i still blocked pop ups) to let him play these idiotic (to me) webgames that he loves. (he vascillates between console and PC).

    i warned him/explained to him about banner ads and advised not to click on them *EVER* on pain of never getting to use the internet ever again.


  9. i have an 8 year old going on 15.  he already has (hand me down from dad) and knows how to use a desktop PC, but asked for a "toy" laptop from santa, along with a digital camera.

    there really doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there when it comes to either.

    does anyone have any suggestions? 

    i've perused the vtech line and the oregon scientific offerings and they are pretty much in the right price range, but man - you would think manufacturers could come up with some decent graphics!  and they really seemed geared for really young kids.

    well, he is young, but he already reads at an 8th grade level, so we don't need phonics or begininng literacy - but advanced math and geography would be great - and some spanish would help.

    if only i could get one of those $100 jobs from MIT....more expensive than the toy ones, but waaaay more useful. (dang, i guess only kids in 3rd world countries are going to get to use those.) more power to them, though, i hope they do!!!

    as for the digital camera, so far i'm looking at the "che-ez" mini camera (target has it for $30) but would love other suggestions.

    possibly might get him a cheap little personal MP3 player also (he's played some songs on winamp on his PC to death and i'm sick of hearing them ;)  - ryan cabrera, a skate/punk song from some xbox game, a japanese chick singing the theme from some game - arrrrgh)

    so santa wants to go tech this year, he/she needs some advice for this odd age prerequisite!! ;)

    please!!!!  :D

  10. hi vic

    pls see my post in the 'a new cable modem can make a difference' thread regarding comcast csr service and them having our account set up incorrectly after swapping out modems (upgraded from 4100 to 5120 and it most definitely made DL go way up)

    ***make sure when you talk to tech support that they have removed your old modem/account information*** because i'm here to tellya, if they didn't it will about halve your speed.

    best of luck!

  11. after reading about a new modem possibly making a difference in speeds, i had comcast swap out our old one for the 5120.  (we pay the $3 monthly rental fee)

    it worked great initially - the first few hours, and although only a marginal increase on upload, DLs went up nicely.

    for some reason (which i will reveal in a sec) the next day the speeds were halved.  this went on all weekend, and we spent a LOT of time on the phone with comcast internet techs. 

    no one seemed to be able to tell what was wrong....someone eventually said they could set up an appt with the TV side of things to check that line....we were doubtful, but ready to try anything at this point. 

    the more i thought about it, the more i figured it HAD to be something they did one of the first 2 times i had talked to them after getting the new modem online. (they make you call in with the macID and have to reset your account - and for whatever reason i had to do this twice because the first one didn't 'stick')

    we kept telling them, you've got us on the wrong tier.  no, all looks good they'd reply.

    so i thought this a.m. i'd give it one last shot before they wasted my and their time sending out a TV technician.  i explained the whole thing and the girl (who admitted whe was new)  found the problem right away.  ((this is after my husb and myself talking to no less than 5 other techs over the weekend trying to figure out what was wrong.))

    turns out, they had not removed the old modem number from their system, and we had two accounts set up....it was showing that we were paying for upgraded speed, but the old acct and old modem were still active, thus nicely halving our bandwidth.

    so, a word to the wise when swapping out modems - make sure they know to remove your old info......

    also,  i had called several times asking about swapping a modem, and no one ever mentioned that there was a charge for them to come to the house until i got one csr svc rep with a major attitude. i was gettting frustrated (whole nother story, they had been out of modems for a while unbeknownst to me, and i had actually driven to their office only to be told they didn't have modems, then they sent a tech out and HE didnt have any modems either) so this girl insists they will charge me for a tech to come out again with a modem....i was a bit peeved by then, but luckily got hold of someone else who listened to the whole sorry story again and advised he would definitely waive the trip charge. 

    i mean, c'mon! it certainly wasn't MY fault they were out of new modems - and i HAD driven to their office first.

    all in all, the tech reps seem a bit clueless (is it me or do they think WE are all idiots), but it is always nice when you finally get one who can make the magic happen.  we've had about 3 of those in the last 15 we've talked to over the last several months of trying to get our speeds up.

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