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  1. Hey CA3LE, just letting you know that they finally resolved the isslue. Tech support was useless even with the new information, and it took multiple calls to get them to send a technician out. When I complained, someone changed a setting on the line that made it stop working at all, and tried to tell me it was still working. "We cannot change it back. Your line is good sir!" They even tried to say that if it's not the modem, the testing sites must be at fault, even though other people were getting good results in the logs. Your explanation gave me confidence that it wasn't a problem with my mo
  2. Hi CA3LE! Thanks for providing this free service, and for the quick reply. I took your advice and did the test on each official mirror: https://testmy.net/quickstats/Zabeus So I'll see what AT&T has to say now.
  3. More than learning about TestMy.net's methodology, I'm hoping this will clue someone in on the type of issue I might be having. I've got a known issue with my Internet speed being excruciatingly slow or cutting out at certain times of the day. I'm having trouble getting AT&T to send a tech without charging me $99. I don't have another modem to test with. Anyway, webpages load sometimes and not other times. Sometimes half the content loads. YouTube doesn't work at all. SpeedTest.net either isn't able to even complete a test (returns an error because it's so slow) or it's around 70kbps to a
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