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  1. Btw additional question for my 2nd issue is that should i turn off my NAT in my router if i did turn on my NAT in my canopy i have this issue that my laptop is having trouble with its ip address...
  2. Router: linksys wi-fi router n300 monitor (E1200) Location: Baliuag Bulacan First Issue is with router without the NAT on my canopy whenever i connect using my laptop for a few days my router can't seem to access the internet and tried the 10s pull and plug it back but it's not working but when i directly plug the modem on my computer and laptop it does have an internet.. what seems to be the problem? Second issue is that i enabled the Nat so i could use the smart bro without going to the portal whenever i use different pc or laptop so i was wondering if it will affect my router?my ro
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