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  1. Hi Guys, Appreciate the help. Another observation that I think is of relavance over here is that I think the slow speeds started only after we ordered the DVR package from comcast. They didn't deliver the DVR's for about a week but I started noticing slow response since than. Can't really confirm that but I am pretty sure. But what I did was I took the cable modem directly to the cable coming from comcast instead of via the in-house network and I still noticed the slow speed. The person who was supposed to come to the house to check the issue last weekend did say that he noticed that the account wasn't setup right. He said he fixed the issue and he also said that the connection box wasn't split. I can't think of how without even coming to the house they split the connection. Do they do this at the headend? I shall get the SB5120 this weekend to see if that resolves the issue. Another question I had was since now I am purchasing the cable modem would I need to call them up to have them change the Mac address of the modem on the account or do I just connect the new modem and disconnect it and connect it back up. Please let me know. Thx
  2. Hi Donald, Thx for your help. Did you get the modem from comcast or did you purchase it retail. I have tried tech support numerous times and honestly they are the worst. I got someone who did not know what msec meant or how to pronounce it. At the same time all I keep hearing is "Everything is good on our side it must be your PC". Please let me know how you got the modem and I shall give it a shot. Hopefully it helps because I am really frustrated at this point. Looking for another ISP and hopefully soon enough I will have FIOS. Thx
  3. I am using a Thompson RCA modem from comcast. I got a replacement modem from the comcast local office 2 weeks ago. Same issue continues. Do you think it could be a problem with that and would they assist? Thx
  4. Hi, I have been having speed issues with Comcast for a while now. I have called up their technical support atleast 10-12 times in the past 2 weeks and have received responses that I should check my PC. I am quite positive its not my pc as I have other machines that are facing a similar issue and I have plugged them directly into the cable modem. Here are the test results for my download speed. I have had Comcast tech's come to troubleshoot and have gone back saying they don't see any problems and to call back and ask for a Sr. Tech. Its a bit upsetting. Can someone please advise on how to go about trying to have them fix this issue. They refuse to transfer me to Tier 2 technical support. The people I speak to only tell me that my cable modem levels look good and there is nothing that they can do.
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