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  1. one question, there a limit in the bandwidth we can test?
  2. I did one nload from ubuntu and I found that the maximum of upload and download is the same. What could be the reason why it shows half upload? It could be a problem with the internet access. And when the speed internet available is higher that 4 megas In testmy.net stops the measurement in 4 megas even though the nload shows peaks of 10 megas.
  3. we are a small isp company, and we want to offer to our clients the option of measurement their bandwidth, we will create for them the users and give each one his own account. We want to give to them the tools so they can control their bandwidth, and to keep the results so we can do debugging if they have problems. We are controlling the bandwidth with HTB in linux, and it works well we can do test with ftp and links are limited to the values in download and upload. But before doing that we are controlling our access fiber. we are found that always the upload speed is half the download speed. And the maximum download is 4 mega bytes. If the client is limited to 1 or 2 mega bytes it shows maximum of 1 or 2, the problem is when is bigger that 4 megas. And the upload is always the half of download. We can do test by other ways and the bandwidth gives bigger, What I could be doing wrong?
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