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  1. I've used this service to test a newly subscribed TWC, "up to 20 mb/s" ISP service. The "up too" should have ben a red flag but the at&t (bellsouth) "fast access DSL" infrastructure in my neighborhood could not provide > 1.5 mb/s, my chosen at&t long distance phone service was NOT unlimited and with the packaged Directv service included, with no premium channels, cost about $185/mos. TWC "up to 20 mb/s" internet with unlimited long distance and cable, including Showtime is costing about $153/mos. A promo price but a pretty good deal huh? Aside from the relative immunity to heavy rain and maybe snow (don't get much of that here) TWC sucks in comparison to Directv; in channel choices, the reliability of the CISCO cable interface box, their menu, channel choice, search and record functions are awkward, unwieldy and antiquated when compared to Directv or Comcast, others I've had extensive and limited experience with respectively. You get what you pay for. In addition there are numerous, daily reminders of what the "up to" means. Using Time Warners speed test function, download speeds considerably below 1 mb/s are often encountered; especially annoying when the video that's captured your interest suddenly freezes. Measured download performance upwards from 10 mb/s on a single user, home wireless network is convincing evidence that these wide ranging speed anomalies are not caused by in house problems. Performance has also been tested with a direct to cable modem connection with identical results. Upload speeds are adequate, consistently around 1.9 mb/s, and have not been a problem. That long winded introduction is why I joined testmy.net. I intend to run automated speed tests on a daily basis and present the data to TWC technical. My expectations are very low but, for what it's worth, they will be shared with the members on this forum who may be having similar problems. Don D.
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