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  1. WHO: Avian Flu Rapidly Spreading in Birds Around World

    23 May 2006 ~ Voice of America

    "Public Health Experts attending the World Health Assembly say the H5N1 virus in birds is rapidly spreading around the world. The World Health Organization urges nations to speed up their pandemic preparedness plans."

    "The U.N. agency says there is greater chance now for the H5N1 virus to move into the human population because of the rapid spread of the virus from infected birds."

    "WHO Coordinator of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response, Keiji Fukuda, says influenza pandemics occur at least a couple of times each century. "We are in a period in which the risk both elevated and more visible and this is because of the H5N1 virus. And, this is because this virus has the ability to persist and to spread and also to infect people. Now the WHO assessment at this period is that we remain at phase three. This is a period in which we may see examples of limited human-to-human transmission."

  2. Health experts are concerned

    that if H5N1 gains the ability to spread easily among people,

    it may set off a lethal global outbreak of flu.

    While some flu pandemics are relatively mild,

    the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

    killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

    Seven Indonesian Bird Flu Cases Linked to Patients (Update1)

    "May 23 (Bloomberg) -- All seven people infected with bird flu in a cluster of Indonesian cases can be linked to other patients, according to disease trackers investigating possible human-to-human transmission of the H5N1 virus."

    "A team of international experts has been unable to find animals that might have infected the people, the World Health Organization said in a statement today. In one case, a 10-year- old boy who caught the virus from his aunt may have passed it to his father, the first time officials have seen evidence of a three-person chain of infection, an agency spokeswoman said. Six of the seven people have died."

    "Almost all of the 218 cases of H5N1 infections confirmed by the WHO since late 2003 can be traced to direct contact with sick or dead birds. Strong evidence of human-to-human transmission may prompt the global health agency to convene a panel of experts and consider raising the pandemic alert level, said Maria Cheng, an agency spokeswoman."

  3. Office 2007 Beta 2 Download Now Available

    Evaluate the next release of Microsoft Office products for testing and planning purposes with 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2. The beta release contains all the functionality of the regular release, but is not the final product.

    Expiration Date

    All 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 software has an expiration date of February 1, 2007. After expiration, 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 will continue to work in a reduced functionality mode that limits your options and operations.


    Computerworld has a review and visual tour of the newest installment of 2007 Office Beta 2. No more toolbars & menus; those have been replace with 'ribbons.' Of the various products in the suite, Word is the most changed. Styles are easier to invoke, but no easier to create or understand. A couple of the redeeming characteristics is the ability to save as PDF and XPS and an improved Track Changes. Bigger spreadsheets are available in Excel -- over 1 million rows and over 16,000 columns per worksheet -- and new and better visualization abilities. Lots new in Outlook including multiple calendars and direct support for RSS feeds. And the apps all work together better than before. From the article: 'The major change in Beta 2 was the introduction of Office SharePoint Server.' This means that Sharepoint Server is required, but it also means more & better collaboration and advanced search abilities are supported.

  4. Socket AM2 chipsets collide

    Introducing the ATI SB600 and NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI

    "AMD'S LATEST ATHLON 64 processors use a new socket and DDR2 memory, essentially requiring a motherboard upgrade. It just wouldn't do to plug a cutting-edge processor into a motherboard with an older chipset, though. Perhaps that's why ATI and NVIDIA are rolling out new core logic to accompany AMD's Socket AM2. In the green corner, NVIDIA is launching a top-to-bottom line of nForce 500 series chipsets, including the high-end nForce 590 SLI. ATI, on the other hand, is finally taking the wraps off its long-awaited SB600 south bridge. That chip is paired with the established CrossFire Xpress 3200 north bridge for high-end multi-GPU platforms."

    "In many ways, the latest core logic offerings from ATI and NVIDIA are evolutionary designs that address problems with previous chipsets. ATI claims its SB600 resolves the I/O performance problems that plagued the SB450, and NVIDIA promises the nForce 500 series' Gigabit Ethernet acceleration sheds the hardware bug that afflicted the nForce4's ActiveArmor. New features are also on the menu. The SB600 is ATI's first stab at Serial ATA with 300 MB/s and Native Command Queuing, and the nForce 500 series is virtually bursting at the seams with fancy feature names, including FirstPacket, LinkBoost, and DualNet."

  5. Opera 9 Beta 2

    "Opera 9 Beta 2 is now ready for download. Take a peek at what's to come to the world of Web Browsers. With integrated torrent support, widgets, content blocking, thumbnail preview, customized search and improved standards support, . . ."

    . . .anyone using Opera?

    [if so, what's your take?]

  6. Cool bombshelter ROM-DOS, looks like a great place to hide. Big enough too. Wow. Still have to wonder how you got that key?  ;) ;)

    The resort is cool too. At first I thought I was going to have to brush up on my non-existent game of golf, but they seem to have plenty of other stuff. Nice.  :D

    "Adding to the secrecy were the repairmen known only to the guests upstairs as those guys from Forsythe Associates who fixed their television sets.[yeah, we fixed their two-way sets!] In fact, Forsythe was a cover for the small cadre of technicians who kept Greek Island afloat." ~ lol

    {don't tell anyone. . .shhhhh}

  7. Secure Voice over IP: Zfone

    "Zfone uses a new protocol called ZRTP, which is better than the other approaches to secure VoIP, because it achieves security without reliance on a PKI, key certification, trust models, certificate authorities, or key management complexity that bedevils the email encryption world. It also does not rely on SIP signaling for the key management, and in fact does not rely on any servers at all. It performs its key agreements and key management in a purely peer-to-peer manner over the RTP packet stream."

    CALEA, the thing that allows wiretaps under warrant, is in place for all previous communications methods, including paging. What government wants is CALEA type access to new communications types. HOWEVER: Neither the constitution, any ammendment, any subsequent law, or even terms of use, specify that your communications have to be made in an open unenctrypted manner. In fact, in the US, if there is no evidence, there is no crime, and no way to know the criminal. Its all part of that innocent until proven guilty mindset.

    If all your telephone calls, emails, etc. are encrypted by you and the other intended party or parties involved, there simply is nothing the government can do about it. With probable cause, they can 'try' to compel you to divulge the encryption key, but then you don't have to testify against yourself in the U.S. ... at least not yet.

  8. Learn something everyday. I never knew the FCC auctioned that stuff off. I dont know what to think about it but its interesting to know.

    Ah! grasshopper, it is good to learn you are able to still learn a few tricks of the trade. . .

    not good idea to hurt head by thinking, though ~ lol

    Regarding the article, I wish Mr. Muleta success in his endeavor. I think his concept of using a free, ad-supported plan as a "carrot" to lure people into paying for higher quality service is the most sound idea I have seen involving free wireless Internet access. It seems he is looking at purchasing some licensed spectrum to build his network but his choice of frequency may not be the best choice for many rural areas. But new technology is being developed all the time (I just don't see how this is going to do anything other than provide another high-speed service that will overlap with existing cable and DSL infrastructure). Choice is good, but many of those without broadband have no choice. Wireless has a lot of potential to give folks without broadband a choice but I think that the service will have to be delivered by smaller, regional providers not huge nationwide corporations. Then again you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs so maybe Mr. Muleta's idea will provide a foundation upon which others can build.

  9. Try HijackThis  ~  scans for pesky malware, spyware and adware

      that manage to avoid being detected by other scanners

      it is very detailed about what is installed and running

      with loads of tools and log analyzer


    or  http://www.merijn.org/files/hijackthis.zip

    . . .Make sure you know how to use it, first!!



  10. Free Broadband for the Masses

    News Analysis By Steve Rosenbush ~ BusinessWeek

    "John Muleta, a senior U.S. communications official under both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Muleta, former head of the wireless bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, wants to offer free wireless broadband to consumers across the U.S. So he has launched a new company called M2Z Networks,"

    "M2Z aims [to] provide a basic advertiser-supported service at no cost to consumers."

    "But what may sound like a straightforward plan won't be easy to put into practice. M2Z's biggest obstacle is gaining access to the radio airwaves over which wireless signals travel. The FCC typically sells the airwaves, or spectrum, at auctions where rival bidders spend large sums with no guarantee that they can secure the specific chunks of spectrum they want. The biggest-ever FCC auction of spectrum, worth an estimated $8 billion to $15 billion, is set to begin next month (see BW Online, 05/05/06, "The New Wireless Wars")."

    "M2Z plans to use a new kind of wireless technology called OFDM, which some say is faster and cheaper than current wireless options (see BW Online, 08/22/05, "Why Qualcomm Has Its Wallet Out"). Sachs says OFDM costs about one-tenth the price of wireless technologies on the market just a few years ago."

    Copyright 2000- 2006 by The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc

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