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  1. First off, Thanks for your response! I am referring to a Download / not an upload I know it seems obvious and straight forward, but I was curious if others experience the same. Attached is a screen capture in "picture1.pdf" I see the speed in text, even get the ratings in stars(or whatever you call em) but in the graph, my speed bar graphic(which appears to be more or less inline with DSL) only exhibits a blue backgrnd color and not the darker bar with my score. The graphic cannot even be considered as my score, since it seems to be showing the speed of the fastest DSL connection. I am not ctaking issue here with my score (my results vary quite a bit).
  2. OK Whenever I run a speed test, I see the text analysis and score in the top box but when I look below into the graphical comparison chart, there is never an overlay (ie:Dark fill)representing my score that is visible in others showing their result relative to type of service in use. Any thoughts,
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