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  1. .............................
  2. well thats me for you if u really dont like it put me on ignore if u can do that.. or ASK NICELY for me to stop instead of just changing it if u feel like it
  3. a dumbass how?.. noone reads them if u just put help
  4. all power from above.. all mighty u are.. i can have my topics the way i want no? if u start changing them then that aint right : UPDATE.. they finally changed it but as u can see i changed it back
  5. im surprised the evil powers from above havent deleted my topic
  6. yea ive had mods change my topic back but i always put it right back
  7. CRE8OR For Tech Support Person of the year!! :haha: :haha:
  8. moonlord


    meh i dont read topics that much lol .. sorry
  9. sound like tech support reboot this reboot that :haha: :evil6:
  10. can send me invite to yahoo 360 ? the power of the deceptive topic hehe
  11. first of all AOL??!?!?! in the UK?!!!? god i bet its 300x worse over there than it is here :haha:
  12. yea wish lame bellsouth would hurry the hell on up
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