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  1. funny how? its the american way u fire me i snitch
  2. lmao u shoulda just deleted my whole post instead of makeing me look like a fool
  3. so if i called u a [ im unoriginal] idiot i wouldnt get in trouble?
  4. yea sorry about that swimmer its the PDC build that i installed once i e it wasnt released to the public but it was released on irc.. understand/? bootleg ;0 oh and its beta in longhorn and gonna be beta this summer it still sums it up windows isnt good whether beta or not :evil6: :haha: :haha:
  5. NO ie7 was in longhorn 4074 install it urself and see and no its not tweaked genuine sh**ty beta from microslut :evil6: :evil6:
  6. um i used longhorn once now im on Gentoo Linux and ie7 was in longhorn and as usual it was stupid
  7. HAHAH guess everyone wanted to tweak their connection with this file :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6:
  8. im tired of seeing all of u asking for a mirror donate a buck here donate a buck there no telling how many times ive told people ill give this site a whole box for free unlim bandwidth i have my own cage at a datacenter so i wont be donating money no way when ive offered a box
  9. why dont i just donate a box for this sites needs? i just got a brand new dedicated box with no bandwidth limit so that makes me a total of 4 boxes
  10. why do i get the feeling there was more to that post did you learn about evolution and/or the civil war in grade/high school?
  11. whoah i resent that the education in the south is poor ... im 18 and graduate this year in computer engineering at mississippi state so uh no not everyone in the south is dumb as most might think true enough a lot of places here education isnt good but not where i go to school..
  12. man u make people from mississippi like myself look bad when u talk like that
  13. mississippi state university or michigan ?
  14. ok i dled firefox m3.. and i can do teh download speed test just fine but when i got to do the upload it times out any help?
  15. tried already.. dont know how to set it up
  16. um lol i know someone that works there so they dont care about my bandwidth
  17. why is that eh? [me=moonlord]hopes u need something [/me]
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